New Genshin Impact Trailer Shows Off Xiao Abilities And Gameplay

A new Genshin Impact trailer shows off the different abilities and moves for Xiao. Developer miHoYo displayed exactly how the new forthcoming character will play when he comes to Genshin Impact tomorrow.

Update v1.3 for the free to play action game is arriving tomorrow, February 3, bringing along additional content. The main new content players will be engaging is the beginning of Xiao’s event wish, Invitation to Mundane Life.

The character has received massive pre-launch hype because of his backstory as a yaksha adeptus. In spite of his young looks, he has been guarding Liyue for more than two thousand years. Once the event begins, lucky fans will be able to get Xiao as a drop to add to their collection.


The newest trailer provides a great look at Xiao’s abilities, moves, and internal struggle. As a defender of the lands, he is not a stranger to battling demons. Players will pick up on this instantly through his quick and aggressive playstyle.

With a polearm as his main weapon, Xiao can hit with precision or strike multiple targets at once. His main attack is Whirlwind Thrust and has two ways to fight against enemies. It can both perform 6 fast strikes or players can use up stamina to release a powerful upward thrust attack.

As an ancient demon-slayer, it makes sense that Xiao has some potent powers in his arsenal. One of these reflects his mobility, the Lemniscatic Wind Cycling move. This high-speed dash has a dual purpose. When performed against enemies, it will dish out Anemo damage to everything in the hero’s path. Beginning with two charges, it can also be activated in midair.

The final skill revealed in the trailer is the Bane of All Evil. With this move, Xiao unlocks his yaksha power to access a plethora of buffs. Elemental reaction, damage, AoE attack, and jumping abilities all receive enhancements while Xiao is in this form. However, the ability comes at a cost as Xiao will constantly lose health while the skill is active.

Looking at the trailer, it seems like Xiao is shaping up to be a great addition to the game. With his unique moves, story, and details, fans will be wishing nonstop for him to drop. Much of the lead up to his launch shows the conflict he deals with as a yaksha.

His lone purpose is to vanquish demons, but after thousands of years of fighting, the bloodshed is starting to take a toll. miHoYo follows through on this by outlining a kit that is strong but not without risk.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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