New Marvel’s Avengers Trailer Showcases Next-Gen Features

There was a time when Marvel’s Avengers was supposed to be released alongside the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles. Many wishing to play the next-gen iteration of the game is disappointed to learn that it has been postponed until 2021. Fortunately for gamers, the wait for Marvel’s Avengers on next-gen consoles is nearly over, as the game will be released on March 18 with a free update option for current owners.

A recent Marvel’s Avengers trailer from Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix describes the game’s next-gen features. This includes shorter load times, which can increase the overall experience by allowing players to load into tasks faster. The next-gen edition of Marvel’s Avengers would also have enhanced graphics, with the game claiming to run at 60FPS at 4K resolution.


The next-gen version of Marvel’s Avengers will also have improved graphics, particularly when it comes to the various heroes’ special moves and environmental destruction. These enhancements will be more apparent while playing as the Hulk in Marvel’s Avengers, as his attacks appear to destroy anything in his path.

Many who are enjoying Marvel’s Avengers on next-gen consoles should know that they can always compete with their friends who haven’t upgraded yet. Marvel’s Avengers, like many other recent online titles, supports cross-platform multiplayer, enabling players to play together on the same console family. This means that Xbox One owners can play with Xbox Series X owners, and PS5 owners can play with PS4 owners. As of writing, cross-platform multiplayer for Marvel’s Avengers is still not accessible.

The next-gen update for Marvel’s Avengers will be out on March 18, and it won’t be alone. On the same day, the Hawkeye DLC will also be released, giving fans of the online superhero game yet another excuse to return. However, the next-gen launch will be accompanied by a new patch that has sparked a lot of controversy in the gaming community.

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In Marvel’s Avengers, the developers are improving the way XP functions in a way that is expected to make the game more of a grind. The gaming community has also criticized this move, and many people are perplexed as to why the developers will do such a thing while they are trying to attract people to play the game.

The underperformance of Marvel’s Avengers has been well known, and a move like this appears counterintuitive if the intention is to turn it around. In any case, it’ll be fun to see how many people return to Marvel’s Avengers to try out the new additions and free Hawkeye content.

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