New Footage by Capcom Showcases Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay

Dedicated fans of the Monster Hunter franchise have been buzzing about Monster Hunter Rise ever since it was announced and gamers can’t wait for its release. To get the fans even more excited, Capcom’s official Japanese YouTube channel posted a couple of videos showcasing gameplay footage, giving the viewers an idea about what to expect.

The videos aren’t that long, in fact, most don’t even reach a minute. Instead, these extremely short clips highlight interesting aspects of Monster Hunter Rise. For instance, there’s footage showing the player bonding with their Palico or Palamute companion, while other videos feature the game’s combat.

The videos may only last for a few seconds, but teasers such as these already go a long way in providing fans insight on the game and how it plays. It is said that Monster Hunter Rise will be taking a few ideas from Monster Hunter World, all while introducing brand-new elements and concepts into the game at the same time.

As a result, Monster Hunter veterans will find this upcoming title to be familiar yet fresh, as they try to learn and master new techniques. That being said, those whose first Monster Hunter game will be Monster Hunter Rise won’t have to worry about feeling lost and confused by this new experience, as these videos released by Capcom are essentially guides to help them understand the series in general.

Early in the month, the official Twitter account of Monster Hunter shared a minute-long video that demonstrated character creation and customization in the upcoming installment. This video gave excited fans a clue about the customization options available in Monster Hunter Rise, as players are given the ability to customize their character as well as their Palico and/or Palamute.

While this very same video was uploaded on the aforementioned YouTube channel, it can serve as a great reminder for fans or as new footage for those who missed the video the first time around when it was posted on Twitter.

Monster Hunter Rise is scheduled to release next year, meaning to say that fans still have to wait a few more months before they can get their hands on this highly-anticipated Nintendo Switch title.

On the bright side, however, this gives Capcom even more chances to share new details and trailers about the upcoming game that will excite the fans even more. As such, it’s highly recommended that you keep yourself updated by checking the official Monster Hunter social media accounts from time to time.

Fans will surely gobble up any new information revealed about the game, whether it’s about new monsters, locations, equipment, or anything else under the sun. That being said, we hope that no more delays or unexpected issues will take place regarding Monster Hunter Rise’s development.

You see, the game’s release date had to be pushed back to March 26, 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Capcom initially wanted it to be released earlier than that, but the game’s development had to be deferred for a month because of COVID-19, which resulted in this delay.

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