New NES and SNES Games Announced for Nintendo Switch Online

Every couple of months, Nintendo releases a new set of NES and SNES games to be enjoyed by those who have subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online. In line with this, the developer recently announced on Twitter five new classic games that will be added on December 18, including the notable SNES title Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble.

In other words, Nintendo Switch Online members will have access to Rare’s entire roster of platformer games, following the addition of Donkey Kong Country in July 2020 and Donkey Kong Country 2 in September 2020.

Alongside Donkey Kong Country 3, however, are three other SNES titles that are worth checking out as well. Out of the three other games, two titles are developed by the Japanese studio Jaleco. Namely, these games are Tuff E Nuff, which is essentially a fighting game initially released in 1993, and The Ignition Factorwhich is a top-down firefighting simulator.

The fourth and last SNES title on the list is Super Valis 4, a platformer initially released in 1991 and was developed by Telenet Japan.

There’s only one new NES addition this time around, and it’s Nightshade developed by Beam Software and published by Piko Interactive. Initially released in 1992, Nightshade is a point-and-click adventure title, which is a genre that was quite popular during that time period.

The title is also available to purchase on Steam’s digital storefront, but it will cost $5 whereas Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will be able to play it — along with several other classic titles — for only a monthly fee.

It’s clear that Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble is the title that stands out the most in the list given the popularity of developer Rare and the fact that it’s still working on other popular titles such as Sea of Thieves.

However, the rest of the games are definitely worth playing or at least checking out as well, especially for those who want a nostalgic trip back to the NES/SNES era. The titles by developer Jaleco are particularly of interest, as the studio stopped developing video games in 2006, according to Gematsu. It was only this year when owner City Connection allowed Jaleco’s library of games to be licensed by others.


That being said, many fans think that the Nintendo Switch Online service is much too parsimonious when it comes to its games, as it has a tendency to only release a handful of games every other month.

Some subscribers have an issue with this practice, especially since many games on the NES, SNES, and other platforms are already available and ready to play in the Wii and Wii U’s Virtual Console.

In any case, there was a leak that spread recently that claimed that Game Boy Advance games will be added to Nintendo Switch Online soon. Since this is still just a rumor, we can’t say for sure if it’s based on facts. If the leak is true, however, it would be a huge bonus for Nintendo Switch Online members.

For now, playing classic titles such as Donkey Kong Country 3 is a great way to pass the time, especially while waiting for new games to be launched.

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