Finally, Microsoft is rolling out the Phone Link for iOS app, allowing Windows 11 PCs to support iOS devices. As such, you should now be able to receive your iPhone notifications and perform messaging iMessage functions right from your Windows PCs and laptops.

Microsoft first tested the app with Insiders as a preview in February and started releasing the support to 39 languages across 85 countries in April. After promising to deliver it to everyone using Windows 11, it is now available for everyone. This latest feature should automatically appear on the Phone Link app for Windows, but users can visit Microsoft Store app in Windows 11 anytime to confirm the update. Also, note that iPhone devices must be running on iOS 14 or higher to access this ability.

The new iOS support will employ Bluetooth to establish a connection between the Windows PC or laptop and the iPhone. Through this, users should be able to see all the calls, messages, and notifications from their iPhones to their Windows devices via iMessage.

Yet, it is important to note that despite this new support, there are still some limitations in the functions of the Windows Phone Link app for iOS devices. For instance, unlike in its Android integration where it is possible to view phone call history, you won’t see the full chat history here. Also, it won’t allow you to join group iMessage conversations and run phone apps on the PC. Surprisingly, despite the iCloud Photos integration within the Windows 11 Photos app, this Phone Link update still doesn’t have support for it. Yet, given Microsoft’s recent works for Apple products, it is not impossible to happen. 

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