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Webex is a company under Cisco that develops and markets web conferencing, video conferencing, and contact center as a service applications. It was founded in 1995 and acquired by Cisco Systems in 2007. It is based in San Jose, California. 

Whether it is about hosting meetings with your team members in the company or simply as a way to connect with friends virtually, Webex has been helping people interact better with technology. Webex can provide video conferencing, screen sharing, cloud calling, group messaging, chat, file sharing, virtual event hosting, and many more. 

It is why using Cisco’s Webex in certain aspects of life truly means a lot. For instance, Cisco is tapping this company of theirs to help the speech-impaired and enable people to host meetings while on the road. Here’s the story.

Voice for the speech-impaired

Human beings are, naturally, communicators. Thus, connecting with family and friends has been vital to daily life. 

However, for the speech-impaired, communication can be a struggle.

That is why Webex by Cisco inked a partnership with Voiceitt, an artificial intelligence-powered program for people with non-standard speech, hoping this tie-up will give “voice” to the speech-impaired. 

Through learning the distinctive speech patterns of the users, Voiceitt’s technology enables these people challenged by speech impairment to be understood in countless new ways. Voiceitt’s real-time captioning and transcription will integrate with Webex to reach more people worldwide. 

“Webex’s mission is to enable everyone to do their best work, and enable them to share their voices and capabilities and be able to collaborate no matter what their situation,” Amit Barave, Webex by Cisco’s vice president for product management, said in the company’s recent news release. “We want Webex to be a truly inclusive platform for any kind of interaction that results in collaborative value. That’s what the Webex platform — and our partnership with Voiceitt — is all about supporting.”

Meetings on the road

Have you ever encountered yourself keeping your patience the best you can while on the road or shouting at other drivers while in traffic because you are running late for a meeting? 

Well, that dilemma is about to end. Webex by Cisco is reportedly launching a new collaboration app that will be equipped in some Audi cars starting next year. 

The company told the media it is working with CARIAD, Volkswagen Group’s software developer, and HARMAN, a Samsung subsidiary, to create the “first app for hybrid work” in cars. 

“We’re on a mission to transform the connected car into another extension of the hybrid workplace. Our work with leading manufacturers like Audi will empower customers with a safe and seamless way to stay connected and be productive regardless of where or how you’re working,” said Cisco’s Jeetu Patel, Cisco’s executive vice president, and General Manager for Security and Collaboration. 

Is meeting while on the road safe, you ask? Well, the app’s features are designed to prioritize safety above all. Webex will only be on audio-only mode while the car is in transit, so drivers can still participate in meetings without taking their eyes off the road. On the other hand, when parked, drivers can view meeting participants, shared content, and closed captioning. 

What do you think of these new stuff from Webex?

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