Epic Games, one of the world’s leading video game companies, never fails to impress. Aside from being the home of your favorite games — such as “Fortnite,” “Alan Wake 2,” “Fallout: New Vegas,” “Dead Island 2,” and “Grand Theft Auto V. It also has a store, which, though a store, offers free games now and then. You read that right. Games you can play for free.

What Is The Epic Games Store?

The Epic Games Store is a storefront and video game digital distribution service owned and operated by Epic Games. It launched back in December 2018 as a software client for macOS and Microsoft Windows. It also launched as a favorite online storefront amongst gamers.

Since its release, the Store has become known for giving away one, two, or more of the company’s games every week. For free. Not only to play. But to own. Forever. 

Here is a guide to the newest free games right now on the Epic Games store, plus more information you ought to know. 

What Are The Games You Can Play For Free Right Now From The Epic Games Store?

‘The Big Con’

Free Until April 25th

Let’s start with a heavy favorite, “The Big Con.” This colorful, coming-of-age adventure will transport you to the 1990s. Filled with nostalgia, the game will have you taking control of a sarcastic teenager named Ali. Now, she ditches band camp to whisk herself on a cross-country road trip.  

Her mission is quite weird. She must grift and steal adequate money to save her mom’s video rental shop from closing completely. Think of Robin Hood. If this is your thing, make sure to check out “The Big Con” on the Epic Games Store.

‘Town Of Salem 2’

Free Until April 25th

Now, here’s a game that you can enjoy with your friends or family. “Town of Salem 2” is an online game in multiplayer mode that will have you using all your cunning and social deduction skills so you can survive. If you think of social deduction, you think of “Among Us,” don’t you? Well, it generally works that way. 

Matches happen with a maximum of 15 other players. Then, you must see through the deception being done by other players or do the deceiving yourself should you wish to avoid a trip down the gallows. Like the game’s predecessor, you can also form alliances or betray others for the sake of survival. Don’t worry. It’s okay to be a traitor in this game. It sounds pretty much like “Among Us” because both games are based on “Mafia,” a popular party game.

Those are just the games for free on the Epic Games Store right now. But more free games are coming to you soon. Here are they.

Upcoming Free Games On The Epic Games Store


Free From April 25th To May 2nd

If you’re tired of the usual first-person shooter games that may be big but boring, you can play “INDUSTRIA.” This FPS game is set in East Berlin in Germany, during the Cold War.

The game is genius as it happens the day before the Berlin Wall is due to fall. The main character of “INDUSTRIA,” Nora, embarks on a journey to a secret research facility to look for Walter, her work colleague who has gone missing. 

There, Nora ends up being transported to a parallel dimension where she must battle with and defeat humanoid robots. Break the ice with “INDUSTRIA.”

‘LISA: Definitive Edition’

Free From April 25th To May 2nd

No, it’s not Lisa Frankenstein or your favorite BLACKPINK member. “LISA: Definitive Edition” combines two cult-classic and appealing games, especially for the fans of “Undertale.”

Perhaps you haven’t heard of its genre yet, as it is a tragicomic game that centers upon absurd humor occurring in a freakish world filled with brutal consequences. 

This “Definitive Edition” also includes “LISA: The Painful,” a game developed initially using RPG Maker. It also has “LISA: The Joyful.” If you don’t mind exploring something unique, try playing this.

Games That Are Always Free On The Epic Games Store

PVP Live will agree that the lists above are limited, but the Epic Games Store isn’t about this mantra. So, here are more games that are always playable for free on the Store. Have fun!

  • “3 Out of 10“ 
  • “3D City“ 
  • “90 Minute Fever“ 
  • “9Lives Arena“ 
  • “A Christmas Carol VR“ 
  • “Aether TCG“ 
  • “Age of Conquest IV“ 
  • “Aimlabs“ 
  • “AIMX“ 
  • “Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards“ 
  • “Anito Legends“ 
  • “Another Earth“ 
  • “APE SQUAD“ 
  • “Apeiron“ 
  • “APP“ 
  • “Arkbound“ 
  • “Armored Warfare“ 
  • “Auto Chess“ 
  • “Aviatrix“ 
  • “Awaken“ 
  • “Barrett Foster Prologue“ 
  • “Battle of Guardians“ 
  • “Bezogia“ 
  • “Bladerite“ 
  • “Blankos Block Party“ 
  • “Blights Wrath“ 
  • “Blocklords“ 
  • “Blood of Steel“ 
  • “Blood of Titans“ 
  • “BlueSuburbia“ 
  • “Book of Yog Idle RPG“ 
  • “Brawlers“ 
  • “Brawlhalla“ 
  • “Bugby“ 
  • “Bunkerzone“ 
  • “Call of Dragons“
  • “canVERSE“ 
  • “Carsick Carventure“ 
  • “Celestia Ultimate“ 
  • “Century: Age of Ashes“ 
  • “Chainmonsters“ 
  • “Champions Ascension“ 
  • “Citizen Conflict“ 
  • “Cold War 2395: Solus“ 
  • “Conjury Revell“ 
  • “Core“ 
  • “Coryphaeus Championships“ 
  • “Crayta“ 
  • “CRSED: F.O.A.D.“ 
  • “Cubzh“ 
  • “CyberTitans“ 
  • “Dark Table CCG“ 
  • “Dauntless“ 
  • “DC Dual Force“ 
  • “Destiny 2“ 
  • “Destroy All Humans!-Clone Carnage“ 
  • “Diabotical“ 
  • “DinoDash“ 
  • “Disney Speedstorm“ 
  • “Divine Knockout“ 
  • “Doomsday Last Survivors“ 
  • “Dreamhaven“
  • “Dungeon Fighter Online“
  • “Engine Evolution 2023“
  • “EVE Online“
  • “Fall Guys“
  • “Fangs“
  • “Farlight 84“
  • “Feud“
  • “Firestone Online Idle RPG“
  • “First Run“
  • “Fishing Planet“
  • “Fortnite“
  • “FPVSIM FPV Simulator“
  • “FrontlineGrunt“
  • “Garten of Banban“
  • “Generative Quest“
  • “Genshin Impact“
  • “GGDEN Metaverse“ 
  • “Ghostwire: Tokyo-Prelude“
  • “Gods Unchained“
  • “GPRO-Classic Racing Manager“
  • “GrandChase“
  • “Gravewood High“
  • “GRIT“
  • “Halloween World“
  • “Haven’s Compass“
  • “Hellen’s Gallery: Making Story with AI“
  • “Hellsplit: Workbench“
  • “Honkai Impact 3rd“
  • “Honkai: Star Rail“
  • “Hysteria in Howlsbend“
  • “Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms“
  • “Illuvium“
  • “Iragon Prologue“
  • “Jewel Run“
  • “Jill of the Jungle: The Complete Trilogy“
  • “Kakele Online-MMORPG“
  • “KARDS“
  • “Karos“
  • “Karos Classic“
  • “KARS-The WWII Card Game“
  • “KID A MNESIA Exhibition“
  • “King of Avalon“
  • “Knights of Cathena“
  • “KnockedDown“
  • “Kode Zero“
  • “Kugle“
  • “Last Remains“
  • “League of Legends“
  • “Legends of Runeterra“
  • “Life Makeover Global“
  • “Light of Alariya“
  • “Lords Mobile“
  • “Madcar GT“
  • “Magic: The Gathering Arena“
  • “MASKA“
  • “Meta Lordz“
  • “Meta NANOs: Rumble Race“
  • “Metalstorm“
  • “Metaverser“
  • “Monke Island: Rise of the Beast“
  • “My Pet Hooligan“
  • “Naraka: Bladepoint“
  • “Nevermore“
  • “Neverwinter“
  • “NEXUS“
  • “Night Run“
  • “Ninja Resurrection-A Tale of Kuro“
  • “Nuclear Fission Simulator“
  • “Null Gravity Labyrinth“
  • “OpenSeason“
  • “Operation New Earth“
  • “Paladins“
  • “Palia“
  • “Panic Room 2: Hide and Seek“
  • “Paragon: The Overprime“
  • “Path of Exile“
  • “Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis“
  • “Phantom Blade: Executioners“
  • “Phantom Galaxies“
  • “Pinball FX“
  • “Pinball M“
  • “Pixel Art Coloring Book“
  • “Polker“
  • “Precious Stones“
  • “Primordials: Battle of Gods“
  • “Project Adam: AI Attack“
  • “Project Electric Sheep“
  • “PUBG“
  • “Raid Shadow Legends“
  • “Raini: The Lords of Light“
  • “Realm Royale Reforged“
  • “Red Chaos“
  • “Replikant“
  • “Retro Commander“
  • “Revive and Prosper-Prologue“
  • “RoboSquad Revolution“
  • “Rocket League“
  • “Rogue Company“
  • “Roller Champions“
  • “Samorost 1“
  • “Scribble It!“
  • “Seekers of Tokane“
  • “Senile Wizards“
  • “Sensorium Galaxy“
  • “Shop Titans“
  • “Shrapnel“
  • “Smite“
  • “Snowbreak Containment Zone“
  • “SpellForce 3: Versus Edition“
  • “Sphere 3“
  • “Spiderbro“
  • “Star Stable Online“
  • “Star Trek Online“
  • “Starheim“
  • “Starsiege: Deadzone“
  • “Stormshot: Isle of Adventure“
  • “Striker Manager 3“
  • “Super Squad“
  • “Superior Relatives“
  • “Supernova Shards“
  • “SYNCED“
  • “Synergy of Serra“
  • “Take the Throne“
  • “Tangles“
  • “Teamfight Tactics“
  • “The Art of War: Card Game“
  • “The Evolving Forest“
  • “The Hidden Room“
  • “The InVincible Iron Ivy“
  • “The Light in the Darkness“
  • “The Lost Glitches“
  • “The Moshpit Tournament“
  • “The Panic Room: House of Secrets“
  • “The Riflemen“
  • “The Sims 4“
  • “The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land“
  • “Toribash Next“
  • “Torque Drift 2“
  • “Tower of Fantasy“
  • “Trackmania Starter Access“
  • “True Reporter. Hidden Mistwood“
  • “United Football“
  • “Valorant“
  • “Vertical Third Tech Demo“
  • “Warface: Clutch
  • “Warframe“
  • “Warhammer: Chaos and Conquest“
  • “Warpath: Ace Shooter“
  • “World of Dypians“
  • “World of Warships“
  • “Worlds War 1“
  • “Yaku“
  • “Zarathustra-Cybergeddon“
  • “Zeeverse“
  • “ZZT!“
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