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The NHL National Hockey League is one of the most popular hockey events, with tens of thousands of bettors betting on it. The best ice hockey teams from the USA and Canada take part in the championships, so it’s not surprising that NHL betting is full of excitement: fans, experts, and those who make NHL bet picks via Parimatch.

Bet on NHL playoffs

The most coveted type of tourney at the end of the NHL season is the playoffs. NHL bets are offered in several varieties, in each of which betters can highlight certain advantages for themselves. It is worth highlighting the following key types of bets that bring the maximum winnings to participants in sports betting in hockey:

  • Betting on the prize fund. A rather risky NHL bet, but at the same time more exciting than others. Betters should choose the team – the potential winner of the hockey match. In each playoff game, the bets are cash and there is a choice – to bet on all games or some of the upcoming ones.
  • A bet on the total of the playoffs. These types of NHL betting odds are less popular, but they can also turn out to be a good cash return. NHL playoff betting odds in the total category assume over / under predictions. the challenge is to choose whether the total for one game will be greater or less than the bookmaker’s line. For example, if the total number of points is 11, betters should predict whether the teams will be able to score more goals in total than the specified number.

Each bookmaker offers its variations of bets on the NHL playoffs, and live NHL betting is also popular. You can bet both before and during the tournament.

Be the first to know which NHL bets tonight

If you need to find information about the best NHL bets today, Parimatch is the right bookmaker, as it pays special attention to these matches. Regardless of the choice of live NHL or playoff bets, the predictions show the most frequent victories in matches among the home team, but other nuances should be taken into account, for example, player disqualifications and injuries. For a confident result, it is important to study the advice on NHL betting tips by experienced experts. Using Parimatch, you can bet on a team to win or a draw, as well as bet on “more / less” total both in one match or in several at the same time.

Fast and confident selection of NHL bet picks with Parimatch

Having held a leading position in the betting market for a long time, Parimatch today has several admirers among bettors who make NHL betting Canada and the United States through this service. Everyone can join their number by assessing the winning chances of the participating teams and placing a bet via PC or mobile gadgets. The platform is easy to use and contains all the key information needed for a rational choice.

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