Popular Streamer Ninja Denies Rumors Claiming That He Quit Playing Fortnite

There’s a bunch of popular Fortnite streamers these days, but none are arguably as popular as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. When thinking about Epic Games’ battle royale, one of the first people that come to mind would probably be him. Ninja was able to climb the ladder of the competitive world of streaming thanks to his personality and skills, so much so that he’s now considered to be one of the most popular and successful streamers.

Recently, there were reports which claimed that Ninja had quit playing Fortnite for good due to stream sniping and balance concerns—and this, like most rumors, quickly spread throughout the gaming community. Fortunately, Ninja was quick to put a stop to these rumors, reassuring his fans that he will still be playing the game.

It’s quite common for popular streamers like Ninja to be on the receiving end of rampant rumors and drama, so this isn’t altogether surprising. However, it’s great that Ninja took the time to douse the fire quickly so that fans won’t remain disappointed or speculate too much about his supposed reason for quitting.

He also took the chance to talk about Fortnite as it is today, sharing what he thinks about the game’s current state. For a little bit of context behind this drama, there was one stream of Ninja’s wherein it seemed like he was completely done with Fortnite. This frustration came from consecutive stream sniping incidents that took place.

For those who don’t know, stream sniping is when a player watches the live stream of an enemy player in order to have an unfair advantage over the whole match, giving them or their team a higher chance of winning. Since Ninja is a pretty big streamer, it’s a practice that happens to him a lot of times.

Understandably upset, Ninja basically went on a rant about Fortnite and its community, which is full of children who want to take clips of them killing Ninja in-game for clout. While it’s a fact that all of this did happen and Ninja did say what he said, the rumors may have blown things out of proportion.

In a recent tweet, Ninja states that the rumors claiming he’s quitting Fortnite are untrue, and that he loves the game. He continues by saying that he will still play the battle royale “to some capacity.” Some fans have been trying to dissect and overanalyze that last statement, however, given that he didn’t elaborate what he means by “to some capacity” and it’s quite vague.

Although it’s a known fact right now that Ninja has chosen to play other games these days over Fortnite, saying that he’s completely finished with the game is clearly false and Ninja was thankfully quick to set things straight. So, for those who enjoy the streamer’s Fortnite content, he’ll surely be back soon when he feels ready to play the game again.

Epic Games is constantly releasing updates and new features to the battle royale, along with a variety of crossovers that will surely catch Ninja’s attention one of these days.

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