Nintendo Switch Hits Milestone Breaking Sales This October Ahead of Next-Gen Releases

The Nintendo Switch continues its colossal success in the United States with another huge month as it posts its most powerful October sales yet, only several days before the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

The Nintendo Switch has been extremely successful for the Japanese gaming giant since it was released back in 2017. In August, the console outperformed the lifetime sales of the NES and is on its way to surpass the sales of the Nintendo 3DS. The Switch has also exceeded the lifetime sales of its most recent predecessor, the Wii U, which was treated as a relative failure for Nintendo.

This year has been specifically successful for the Switch, partly due to the lockdowns and quarantines enforced in relation to the existing global pandemic. A few months ago, the Nintendo Switch faced supply shortage problems amidst rising console sales thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, and some of its games, such as Animal Crossing New Horizons, witnessed immense popularity, surpassing sales expectations to sell more than 22 million copies and becoming the second bestselling title on the Nintendo Switch behind Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.


In a news release from Nintendo, the company states that the Switch sold more than 735,000 units in the United Sales solely in October. According to the statement, it’s the second-highest October sales of any video game console ever, with the first being the sales of the Wii back in October 2008, which totaled to more than 807,000 units.

The October sales of the Nintendo Switch marks the 23rd successive month that the console held its spot as the bestselling video game console in the United States. In addition, the Switch has sold over 22.5 million units in the United States since its launch, while it has sold over 63 million units all over the world.

It appears like Nintendo is setting up for a successful November as well as it revealed a new Switch bundle exclusively for Black Friday. Aside from the console itself, the new bundle includes a free download code for the digital edition of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe along with a three-month membership for Nintendo Switch Online, which will let owners play online, just for $299.99. Those who want to avoid the chaos on Black Friday will be able to purchase the bundle earlier than the yearly sale event as it will already be available beginning November 22.


The success of the Nintendo Switch has apparently revived Nintendo after it struggled with the Wii U for a couple of years. The success of the Switch can be credited to its hybrid nature, being both a home console as well as portable.

While the Nintendo Switch still has a lot of ways to go before it catches up with the company’s other bestselling consoles of all time, the Game Boy and Wii, but it’s absolutely on the right track to do that will all the milestones it is achieving.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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