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The OUTKITEL WP9 device is now being offered with up to a 23 percent discount on Amazon. Let us hear it for the features of this product. 

This OUKITEL WP9 rugged smartphone comes with a ratio of 19:9 that fits your palms while using its 5.86-inch screen that clearly displays the phone screen. It also ensures the phone gives a drop-proof effect.

Paired with a 16MP rear camera, the Oukitel WP9 smartphone also lets you take the best photos in your hand.

It is also a 360-degree waterproof phone. This feature also supports underwater photography, whether you are diving or swimming. It can help you record the best moments.

Furthermore, the phone has an ultra-clear 8MP front camera with intelligent AI beautification that can capture your own beauty and make your photos more exceptional.

Equipped with the Android 10 system, this device is more comfortable to use. This OUKITEL WP9 smartphone also comes with NFC-Google Pay. This NFC function meets the needs of mobile payment, card punching, identification, data transmission, and more in your daily life.

It comes from the brand Oukitel. Started in 2007, it has marketed in various countries worldwide, including locations in Europe and America. Plus, they have successfully developed more than 130 distributors from 60 nations all over the globe. 

Oukitel is also a brand that is an enthusiast of outdoor sports. In the daily use of spare phones, the brand wants to pursue a better experience and design, so they have decided to make a phone that really meets the needs of a lot of individuals. 

Product Dimensions: 6.14 x 3.07 x 0.75 inches

Weight: 11.3 ounces

Amazon customers like Benson are delighted about their purchase. They said it is very well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. They shared it only took two days before the phone was delivered to them. 

They also like how the built-on case is a heavy-duty case, and because of this, it is a little heavier than their old phone. The picture quality of this phone is “absolutely amazing,” the Amazon customer added.

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