It’s hard to tell from the sound clips that /u/OverwatchSarah compiled whether we’re getting two highly unusual maps or one that hybridizes multiple fantastic themes. But either way, the datamining work done by /u/xArDDe and /u/ethanciavo back in July 2016 still has two distinct categories of audio assets as yet unused on any current map.

Sure, you’ve probably heard all sorts of oddities while roaming ancient Tibetan temples or high-tech Chinese skyscrapers, but not even the wildest Overwatch map to date was thematically appropriate to be accompanied by a musical piece like these:

Nor do we have any jungle-like maps where sounds like these make sense:

However, that’s not to say that they don’t fit Overwatch in general. Because there is at least one place mentioned, if not unexplored, where all of these would make for a singular, thematically coherent map. Said Winston:

Of course, if you’re going to head into space, you probably want environmentally-appropriate gear. Winston’s already halfway into a space suit already — but what about the likes of Hanzo? Or McCree? Can you even design a space helmet that can keep his hat attached?

Come to think of it, a low-gee map would be amazing by concept alone.

Blizzard confirmed their intentions to release new Overwatch maps earlier this week. But no ETA has been set, no assets are yet playable on the PTR, and no — they won’t be at E3. We’ll just have to patiently wait for when they’re ready to talk.