Redditor Zenofy, under the alias DocterrificDoc, has unearthed a whole bunch of upcoming Overwatch cosmetic items for the upcoming Summer Games event. And, yes, upcoming (anti-)hero Doomfist is included in the festivities.

Would it be too much to assume that he’s a world-class shot put pro?

At any rate, they’ve confirmed a skin, a few sprays, and over 67 other cosmetic additions prepped — almost definitely things like victory poses, emotes, highlights, voice lines, and others. Here’s what they had listed:

Summer Games

  • Rare Icon
  • Common Spray
  • Common Voice Line
  • Epic/Legendary Skin

Doomfist Launch Cosmetics


  • Golden Gun
  • Cute Spray
  • Pixel Spray


  • Heroic Victory Pose
  • Heroic Highlight Intro
  • Heroic Emote
  • Highlight Intro(s) (Random)
  • Default Weapon Skin (Non-gold)
  • Default Voice Line
  • Classic Skin

And, yes, there are already demands for specific emotes and skins from the peanut gallery.

To be fair, though: with his villainous background (he murdered his own mentor to take up the Doomfist, for one), it’d probably make sense for him to have a Shadaloo-inspired Street Fighter skin.

There is a LOT to look forward to with Doomfist’s release, especially with that of his voice lines. Just the D.Va voice-over update alone added more character to an unrelated castmember, while Doomfist’s own spoken dialogue will give further glimpses of the world behind the game. Though he is, sadly, not voiced by Terry Crews at all, actor Sahr Ngaujah’s treatment of the brooding international menace has given him a gravitas that his in-game presence will hopefully match.

As he’s apparently set to come out with the Summer Games patch and is already playable on the PTR, we’ll hopefully see Overwatch‘s Doomfist update land within the next week or so.