The landscape of gaming is changing rapidly. We managed to witness an endless stream of innovation taking place in the last two decades in this industry. People are now able to play games by using a large variety of gadgets, each coming with its upsides and downsides.

The gaming experience is constant regardless of the device you’re using. However, there has been a constant debate involving gaming on a PC and gaming on a console. Their functionalities are starting to greatly overlap. For that reason, we’ll try to answer a fundamental question in this article, which one is better?


One of the biggest downsides of gaming consoles is their inability to access hardware upgrades. Consoles are quite limited from this point of view as you’ll have to use the same hardware from the beginning to the end. Upgrades are not always that important but they still represent a fundamental feature.

There are plenty of games such as the puzzle and the casino ones that don’t require the latest hardware to run smoothly. In most cases, you’ll be able to play the free slots or other similar games regardless of the device you’re using. These games are quite resource-effective and built smartly.

If your computer is not top-notch you will still be able to find a casino game for your taste that can easily run on your machine. The large variety of casino games makes this gaming niche ideal for people using entry-level gaming hardware. However, if you want to access the latest games you’ll need to be able to upgrade your machine.

Although gaming consoles can run a lot of powerful games they will get outdated within a few years from their launch. Once that happens you’ll be stuck with a few games, being unable to access new ones without getting a new console. Fortunately, gaming PCs can be constantly updated, enabling you to play the latest games without having to get a new PC every few years.

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Multiplayer Gaming

Consoles excel at online and offline multiplayer gaming. They are ideal for a gaming night as you only have to plug-n-play. As long as you have multiple controllers you’ll always be able to share the joy of gaming with others. However, computers are getting close to consoles, being able to deliver a similar experience.

Controllers for gaming computers are becoming ever more popular. They enable users to replicate the console experience while having access to a wider library of games.


Although gaming consoles are accessible to far more people when compared to gaming computers, their functionality is also more limited. Whilst you can only play games on consoles, you can use your computer for a multitude of tasks. Professionals can use them both for work but also for entertainment. This aspect makes PCs the ideal device for gaming as well as any other online activity.


Gaming has become ever more accessible. Once upon a time consoles represented the standard for gaming as they were offering the best experience. Now, computers have taken over, providing a similar experience and a lot more functionality. You only have to make sure that your computer is powerful enough to play the latest games and you should be good to go.

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