PlayStation Proves The Last of Us Part 2 GOTY Win Was Not A Fluke

In spite of the polarizing and overwhelming response to The Last of Us Part 2, the title swept the PlayStation Blog Game of the Year Awards for this year in eight outstanding categories bringing home the player-voted Game of the Year award to the game’s developer, Naughty Dog. A few weeks ago, The Last of Us Part 2 also received multiple honors at The Game Awards 2020 back on December 10 over hit games including The Ghost of Tsushima and Animal Crossing New Horizons.

The Last of Us Part 2 was released last June 19, 2020, with amazing reviews but a very divisive fan acceptance. While some lauded the game for its impressive soundtrack and visuals, others were very critical of the themes and narrative that the game depicts. Even so, a few months later, gamers are still talking about the game, scrutinizing its award season sweep, and doing crossovers like Cyberpunk 2077 meets The Last of Us Part 2 in fan arts.

That continuing amusement with the game has resulted in even more awards, as not only did the game win PlayStation Game of the Year but also won “trophies” in eight other categories on PlayStation Blog’s official player votes.

Among the winning categories are Best Accessibility Features, Best Graphical Showcase, Best Narrative, Best Sound Design, Best Soundtrack, Gaming Moment of the Year, and Studio of the Year. What makes these awards seem so much significant is that they were totally determined by common online fans, possibly putting to rest the narrative that critics have it out for the hardcore gamer crowd or are somehow in the industry’s pockets for giving their opinions on art.

Apparently no matter what, though, it appears that some fans will never get over The Last of Us Part 2’s widespread popularity and acclaim, with many players having review-bombed the game’s page on Metacritic to the point that even now, months after the game was released, its critical score is still 93 but the average user review is only a 5.7.

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That has not halted the entertainment world from otherwise continuing to admire the series, with an HBO-produced TV series currently in the works at Sony Interactive Entertainment for the game’s developers to do whatever it wants for its next project.

There are still no updates if there will be a sequel yet since the story concluded a bit ambiguously in The Last of Us Part 2. If there is another one in development, players will certainly still be just as hyped for more than ever. Next time, maybe fans don’t have to turn the game’s reception into an ideological purity contest before it even launches.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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