The Pokémon Company Hints At Big 25th Anniversary Celebration Next Year

We can’t believe it either, but Pokemon will be celebrating its 25th anniversary soon. In a recent tweet, The Pokemon Company confirmed that it has something planned for the highly-anticipated event.

It was during Pokemon’s 20th anniversary five years ago that both Pokemon Sun & Moon were released, and now that the franchise is turning 25, fans are in the middle of enjoying the 8th generation of Pokemon.

Even though Pokemon Sword & Shield was only released last year, this year brought a lot of activity into the series. For instance, Sword & Shield players were able to enjoy new expansions in the form of the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra.

These two new expansions introduced new characters alongside new Pokemon to encounter and capture. Not only that, but players were given the opportunity to capture almost all of the legendaries from the series thanks to these expansions.


Among other things, a brand-new MOBA-esque game entitled Pokemon Unite was also announced a few months ago, and although this doesn’t have an official release date yet, it has already garnered negative reactions from fans of the franchise.

That being said, it seems that The Pokemon Company doesn’t have any plans of slowing down its momentum anytime soon. As a matter of fact, the company’s official Twitter account still took the time to tease its followers even during the American Thanksgiving day.

Included in the tweet is a 25th-anniversary graphic that looks very similar to the 20th-anniversary one. With that in mind, not a lot of information or details were revealed about the company’s future plans, except to tell fans to stay tuned for future updates.

Naturally, fans are wondering about what they can expect next year. Asides from the release of Pokemon Sun & Moon, The Pokemon Company also released several event legendaries in celebration of its 20th anniversary. As such, it’s possible that something similar will take place once again next year for the 25th celebration.

Fans have been speculating about the potential titles that could be announced, and one possibility is the remakes of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl. Rumors relating to this have been circulating recently, as well.

One fan replied to Pokemon’s announcement tweet showing that the company will be partnering up with the Kibo Space Module to witness and celebrate the first sunrise of 2021.

As Twitter @WeNeedGen4Again stated, “this is in space and it’s a time based event,” which leads some fans to hope and believe that The Pokemon Company will be revealing remakes of the 4th generation of Pokemon.

Although the simpler, more possible reality is that this is just merely a collaboration and nothing else. Still, it can’t be argued that long-time fans have been hoping for remakes of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl and will probably keep hoping until they become a reality.

That being said, it’s a possibility that this upcoming anniversary may just be Pokemon’s biggest one yet. After all, ’25’ is a hefty number and usually, many franchises have massive celebrations when they reach that number. As such, we wouldn’t be surprised if the company releases a new game to celebrate this achievement.

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