There are still loads of interest in Pokémon FireRed despite it being just two decades old. No wonder because this game is an absolute classic. Whether you have the cartridge version and a GameShark or are playing this game on a Gameboy Advance or GBA emulator, these Pokémon FireRed cheats for GameShark will offer you some different options to further enjoy the game. 

If you do not have the time or inclination to grind through this game, you can leave the grind behind and use these cheats. 

Pokémon FireRed Cheats – GameShark Codes

Some players first play without cheats and later on tinker with some cheats for fun. For example, the Walk Through Walls cheat is always a lot of fun to use. You will learn more about these cheats a little later on. 

If you just want to level up your Pokémons a bit, then the Rare Candy Cheat is for you. If you are a bit frustrated with trying to catch some of the legendary Pokémons, then try the Master Ball Cheat. 

Aside from those, there are also cheats to meet any Pokémon you want including the legendaries, change the nature of the Pokémon, and so much more. The full list will be discussed a bit later on.

How To Enter GameShark Codes 

To answer the question, this will depend on the emulator you are using. If you are using Visual Boy Advance or VBA, or the GBA4iOS, then there is a cheats option from the menu. Choose that, and then copy and paste the Pokémon FireRed cheats you want to use in the appropriate section. It is best that you leave the codes deactivated until you wish to use them, and when you do use them, just use them one at a time. If you use too many cheats at once, your game will likely stop working, and you may have to start over, or at least from your last saved location, before you activated the cheats.

That said, saving your game before activating any cheat code is best. 

Moreover, if you are using an actual Game Boy Advance and a real GameShark, then use the code manager to input your codes into the system. 

Now we head to the main part – the best  Pokémon FireRed cheats. Continue reading. 

Best Pokémon FireRed Cheats

Here, we have handpicked some of the best Pokémon FireRed cheats. These are also some of our favorite ones, and they have been tried and tested. 

1. Rare Candy Cheat

In order to level up your Pokémon quickly, you can use Rare Candies, where one will take a Pokémon up to a single level. 

2. Master Ball Cheat

With this cheat, you can get unlimited Master Balls on your PC. Catch any Pokémon you want with a single throw with a Master Ball. 

3. Walk Through Walls / Ghost Code

Walk anywhere in the game with this Walk Through Walls cheat. It is also among the most popular and used Pokémon FireRed cheats out there. 

4. Level Modifier Code

You can use this Level Modifier simultaneously as the Wild Pokémon Encounter cheat to set to level the next Pokémon that appears. 

5. Wild Pokémon Encounter Code

Using this cheat, you can choose which Pokémon you would like to meet in the wild with the Pokémon Encounter cheat. 

6. Shiny Pokémon Encounter Code

Apart from setting the level and choosing the Pokémon, you can also make the Pokémon appear shiny with this code. 

7. Everyone I Could Find

Browse through this large collection of Pokémon FireRed cheats. You will find all the usual suspects, plus a load of other cheats that you may not have even known about. This collection has tons of great feedback and comments worldwide, so we know this is a good page to look through for FireRed cheats.

Wrapping Up

These Pokémon FireRed cheats will help you get past challenging levels with ease. You may also use these Pokémon cheats to catch legendary Pokémons, and get cool gear and equipment. Several gamers have tried and tested these codes, so you will have fun using them. Just be sure to stick to the best practices for applying these cheats. Because with Pokémon, you got to catch them all. 

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