Sad Christmas celebrations continue for brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate, especially since their request to travel to the United Kingdom to be with their ailing mother was denied, and Romanian police even infiltrated their house to make sure they hadn’t escaped.

Police want to make sure they don’t escape Romania

While doing a livestream on Rumble, an online video-sharing platform, Romanian police unexpectedly arrived at their residence in the country to ensure they wouldn’t flee the country as their trial is still pending.

In December 2022, anti-organized crime authorities arrested the two due to accusations that they were perpetrators of various heinous crimes. They have denied the allegations.

They have since been released from police custody and house arrest. However, they must not leave Romania. 

The authorities wanted to make sure they had not escaped, as recently, Andrew took to social media to say he had requested that they be allowed for an emergency visit to London to attend to their mother, who was rushed to the hospital due to a heart attack. 

While Andrew and Tristan were streaming on Rumble, their CCTV showed that police cars started arriving at their place. 

Tristan went to speak with the police, but his brother was seemingly not concerned, as he even managed to sing a Christmas jingle that reportedly went like this, “Dashing through the snow, they put me back into jail. I’ve done nothing wrong, that’s the truth. I’ll sit with Tristan, staring at the wall. I don’t know why the police are here, but we’ll find out after all.”

The brothers’ emotions are understandable, as who wouldn’t feel that way when they were denied to visit their ailing mother? 

They can’t visit their ailing mother, authorities rule out

Andrew revealed last week on social media that their mother suffered from a heart attack and is staying at the hospital.

So, they requested that the authorities allow them to visit their mother in the United Kingdom. But the ruling said “No.”

The spokesperson of the two brothers released a statement saying that the ruling left them “disheartened.”

“Rejected. The Romanian state decided she must be alone at Christmas if she is alive,” Andrew said on social media. 

His brother Tate also released a statement on his social media account.

“If my mother makes it to Christmas, she will be spending it alone. I still have a clean criminal record. I have been found guilty of nothing… She had a heart attack 27 hours ago,” he said.

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