Does intense marketing play a significant part in a decentralized cryptocurrency system? According to Sandeep Nailwal, the co-founder of Polygon, its role is potentially a lot.

Crypto-analyst Spencer Noon remarked on December 2021, saying that even though many Web3 enthusiasts consider Solana to be the second-most used platform for smart contracts, it appears that the data for “daily active users” revealed a different platform altogether. The data revealed that the platform in question is Polygon.

Polygon co-founder Nailwal responded on January 9, saying:


It’s worth mentioning that even though Polygon is mainly India-based, Solana’s headquarters is reportedly within the United States. Not only that, but Nailwal also claimed that Polygon’s active developer teams are around 2,000-3,000. Meanwhile, Solana has fewer teams, with only 200-300.

Solana vs. Polygon

In Nailwal’s Twitter thread, he retweeted another user who asserted that Solana has a different way of measuring its statistics. This is quite a big deal, especially since how a network portrays its activity to the public can significantly impact people’s perspectives.

For instance, when the Solana wallet Phantom released its 2021 stats and touted that it had over 1.8 million monthly active users, journalist Laura Shin double-checked with the network to make sure it referred to active users and not addresses.

Not only that, but Nailwal also retweeted a user who tweeted that many of those active Solana users were merely bots. In a recent report by Electric Capital that measured and compared developer activity, both Solana and Polygon were among the top names on the list. The report found that among the biggest ecosystems in the sector included Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polkadot, Cosmos, Solana, BSC, NEAR, Avalanche, Tezos, Polygon, and Cardano, with each network having over 250 monthly active developers.

On another note, the report noted that Solana’s average monthly active developers grew by over 4.9x in 2021, while Polygon only grew by over 2x.

A Bad Time for MATIC

At press time, MATIC’s trading value was at $2.01. The altcoin dropped by 5.26% in the last day and saw significant losses of 20.55% in the last week. MATIC isn’t the only coin to be experiencing this red flood, though, as it seems the larger market is also undergoing the same thing, and many are frightful for the market’s future.

Still, some MATIC supports like crypto-influencer Lark Davis are still optimistic about the future of Polygon and its place within the market.

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