Popular Musical Artists Are Immortalized As Pokemon Trading Cards

Pokemon is celebrating its 25th anniversary throughout the year. Throughout the year, The Pokemon Company has held promotions with a wide range of brands and organizations that included Pokemon branding or card giveaways. It is now honoring some of the musical artists who released songs and music videos this year.

The cards were unveiled in conjunction with the release of Pokemon 25: The Album, which includes Pokemon-themed songs by the aforementioned artists as well as other international artists. In April, Post Malone released a cover of “Only Wanna Be With You” and hosted a virtual Pokemon concert. Katy Perry released “Electric” in April, and J Balvin released “Ten Cuidado” on October 15.


Post Malone, Katy Perry, and J. Balvin have their own Pokemon V cards, thanks to the Pokemon Company. The stylish cards were designed by Naoki Saito, Yuu Nishida, and nagimiso, three well-known Japanese artists with a history of creating Pokemon cards, and feature cartoon versions of each artist with their favorite Pokemon as well as unique “moves.”

With the move “Multi Beat,” Post Malone collaborates with Dragonite and Butterfree. Katy Perry and Pikachu are paired with the special move “Heartbeat Ray.” J. Balvin, on the other hand, has a Charizard and the move “Llama Ritmo,” which translates to “Flame Rhythm.”

Making Pokemon cards of a musical artist is an odd choice. It is currently unknown whether these cards will be mass-produced. The cards don’t appear to be part of any set because the set numbers have been replaced with their birthdays (007/004 for Post Malone, 010/025 for Katy Perry, 005/007 for J. Balvin), but they still follow the V Cards rules and have stats. Nonetheless, it demonstrates that The Pokemon Company is going all out for its 25th Anniversary celebrations and is continuing to use unconventional methods.

The announcement of the cards elicited a range of reactions. Some people applaud Saito, Nishida, and Nagimiso for their careful work. Others dismiss the decision as a waste of time. Pokemon cards, regardless of opinion, have become a symbol of gaming and nerd culture.

A collaboration between musicians and the Pokemon brand does not seem out of the ordinary. These cards could have been given to these artists as a “thank you” for their contributions to the 25th Anniversary celebration.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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