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Students lead a busy life. And it gets busier when they are residing in a foreign country because then they also have to spend time socializing a lot to blend in. Don’t forget the quest of exploring the local attractions and culture that accompanies living in a foreign country for studies.

Transport is a key factor that determines your schedule in a week around studies, job, and social life. It’s a norm for people to get bikes or cars to commute between their university and office and back to the dorm. But which vehicle would you get? This question depends on your answers to some other relevant questions.

Here are all the factors you need to consider before making the purchase.

What is Your Expertise?

Note that you need a driving license to drive. Riding attracts a separate license. Even if you have converted your home country car driving license to a UK license, you will still need to get a motorcycle license and its process will start with a theory test not just a practical test. You will need to prepare the theory before you can advance to the practicalities of riding a bike.

Once you have passed the license, mastering the smooth handling of your vehicle on the roads is another task you need to accomplish. Because of the difference in weather, it is recommended for foreigners in the UK to take an advanced safety course for bikes to get hold of their bikes on slippery roads. So, consider that cost and time while deciding as well.

Purpose of Vehicle

Many students prefer an adventurous vehicle like a bike over safer options like a bike. If you like traveling for fun, you will choose a bike without question. But if your primary purpose is only to commute to and from your college, you will go with a car.


If this is a constraint, students tend to go with bikes instead of cars. Not only do most bikes for casual use cost less than cars, but they also attract lower insurance costs. Lastly, you will also find that bikes are far more energy efficient than cars. So, if you are traveling alone, you are financially better off with a bike in the UK or anywhere else in the world. Because of these constraints, many foreign students can only get a bike instead of a car.

Availability of Public Transport

Many Brits prefer to use public transport. They don’t get personal vehicles because getting these vehicles are costly in terms of time and money. That’s because UK’s public transport system is advanced and you can get a bus for almost all popular routes in the cities.

So, if you are in a college town, you wouldn’t need any vehicle and you can save costs because of your student pass on public transport.


Many international students in the UK opt for a vehicle to increase mobility. As yourself these questions if you are choosing between a car and a bike to use during your stay.

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