Epic Games has announced via a blog post that ray tracing has finally made its way to Fortnite. This can be enabled along with Nvidia’s DLSS feature for those players using supported Nvidia GPUs and DirectX12.

The update doesn’t have any surprises up its sleeve, though; you will find the usual improvements that ray tracing has to offer. For instance, improved reflections and shadows are a big part of the changes you’ll find, along with ambient occlusion and real-time global illumination.

However, you can see the improvements for yourself on your gaming pc for fortnite. Epic and Nvidia have teamed up to make a custom minigame map in creative mode. This minimap is meant to boast all these new features that come with ray tracing, but it’s full of little challenges wrapped in a shiny and reflective package.

If you want to check it out personally, the creative code is 9189-0518-5408.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Fortnite with ray tracing enabled versus without. What an amazing difference.

That being said, Nvidia’s DLSS feature also plays a big part because it increases the frame rate when you’re using ray tracing. This makes sense if you think about it since the use of ray tracing is still pretty taxing for many GPUs.

Nvidia is actually offering three different performance options with DLSS, which gives you the option to choose between either graphical fidelity or performance as a whole. The update also has the Nvidia’s Reflex feature, and this works to lessen CPU pressure during scenes that are quite heavy on the GPU. Nvidia has the complete details on that here if you want to learn more.


Ray tracing in Fortnite sounds super exciting, however, you also have to keep in mind that you need to at least meet the minimum system requirements in order to enable this smoothly. We got your back, though – below you’ll find the minimum and recommended requirements:


If your PC meets the requirements, you can go ahead and enable ray tracing. To do so, head over to Fortnite’s in-game settings menu. Scroll down until you see the advanced settings, which is where you’ll find the option for ray tracing and other customizations.

After setting it the way you want, simply restart your computer. In case you missed it, Epic Games also released a brief trailer to show off a game of Fortnite with ray tracing enabled. You can watch it below:

YouTube video