Razer Reveals Very Own Finger Sleeves Gaming Accessory

Razer is a well-known name in the gaming business since it produces a wide range of gaming equipment, from keyboards and gaming chairs to phone covers and mouse. However, Razer recently stated that it would be offering a brand-new sort of gaming accessory that is distinct from the others and may enable gamers on the move with improved aim and control.

Players may have trouble controlling their character with only their phone’s touch screen in twitchy, fast-paced mobile games like Call of Duty and PUBG, but Razer appears to have a solution. The Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve is here to help.


Gamers will be able to slip the Gaming Finger Sleeve onto one of their fingers, according to Razer’s official site, and it is woven with “high-sensitivity silver fiber for better aim and control.” The sleeves are also said to be able to absorb perspiration from long gaming sessions and can be hand-washed. Razer claims that the touch sensitivity and responsiveness will be improved while the friction will be reduced.

While the pictures on Razer’s website show people wearing 2-4 of the gamer finger sleeves at once, the gamer finger sleeves are only available in a single size for USD 9.99. Unfortunately, Razer’s Gaming Finger Sleeve is now out of stock, despite the fact that it was only announced two days ago. However, users may submit their email on the official site to be alerted when more become available. PS5 consoles don’t appear to be the only difficult-to-find item in retailers right now.

With attachable gaming controllers becoming increasingly popular among smartphone gamers, watching how well this device does for Razer will be interesting. Given that it’s already sold out after less than 48 hours, it suggests that many gamers are interested in the device, even though it’s more specialized than other Razer tech goods for sale.

Razer has also partnered with Clearbot to develop miniature solar-powered boats that are used to clear up rubbish in the ocean. The Clearbots identify rubbish in the water using AI and a camera, then pick it up using a conveyor belt. It’s always a great surprise to see IT businesses go outside their core competencies to assist the environment in whatever manner they can.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc is a frantic writer, blogger, and ghostwriter. He quit his office job as an Applications Engineer for the love of writing. When he’s not working, he’s either playing with his PS4 or his 1-year old daughter.

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