With the World Cup approaching in Qatar, many fans are making predictions about who will win the tournament and who will advance from the group or become the top scorer. To warm up interest, you can bet in Mostbet online and earn some money. Even great football stars make their predictions. The legendary Brazilian striker Ronaldo shared his opinion about the upcoming World Cup.

According to Ronaldo, who is the main favorite for the 2022 World Cup?

Oddly enough, the Brazilian called Brazil the main favorite. Ronaldo believes that Brazil will always be the favorite for any World Cup. The Brazilian striker is confident that the national team is filled with talent and should be a triumph. Also, the legendary striker noted that the leading teams in Europe preach attractive, dynamic, and aggressive football, which will be an amazing confrontation between Europe and South America. Argentina and Brazil represent South America well in the world championships, but the top teams in Europe have won World Cups since 2006.

Who will Brazil face in the 2022 World Cup group stage?

The team led by Tite got into group G, where they will meet with Switzerland, Serbia, and Cameroon national teams. Even though each of these teams is quite strong, there is only one favorite in the group: Brazil.

If there are no surprises in this group and Brazil takes first place, they will go to second place in group H, where Portugal and Uruguay are the favorites. If we assume that in the 1/8 finals, we will see the match of Brazil against Uruguay, then it is likely that the Pentacamions will be in the quarterfinals. These teams know each other well, every year, they play each other in qualifying games, and the Brazilians win more often.

Bookmaker odds for the winner of the 2022 World Cup

If we talk about the quotes of bookmakers, then here their opinion converges with the forecast of Ronaldo. Brazil is the favorite for the 2022 World Cup. The coefficient for the victory of the Brazilians is 5.50 (15%). Next come the teams of France and England, whose chances of success are estimated at 6.5 (13.5%). On the 4th line among the favorites is the national team of Spain (coefficient 9.00), and the fifth is the national team of Argentina (coefficient 10.00).

The prominent outsiders of the World Cup are the teams of Iran, Costa Rica, and Saudi Arabia. Their victory is estimated at 751.00, which is 0.1%.

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