Olympic Day 2023 is happening this June 23rd. Olympic Day is an occasion that commemorates the founding of the International Olympic Committee by Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

Samsung is among the companies celebrating Olympic Day 2023. As a matter of fact, in celebration of the occasion, the South Korean multinational manufacturing conglomerate is promoting healthy lifestyles for everyone. Here’s the news. 

Samsung’s Olympic Day Step Challenge

In celebration of Olympic Day, Samsung has launched a new feature on its Health app, the Samsung Health Olympic Day Step Challenge. It encourages users worldwide to record their steps, stay active, and enjoy the health benefits of constantly moving. 

“With 64 million active users, Samsung Health will continue to organize large-scale events, celebrate global movements and make holistic health engaging and accessible for all, Samsung said in its official news release

This initiative follows the theme of this year’s Olympic Day, “Let’s Move.”

“Movement can make us feel amazing. Daily physical activity has multiple health benefits for our bodies, hearts and minds. That’s why on Olympic Day on 23rd June, we invite the world to join us and celebrate the joy of moving by building physical activity into our daily lives,” the official Olympics website stated. 

The Samsung Health app’s Olympic Day Step Challenge has an overall target of 100,000 steps. It will encourage the app users by congratulating them every time they achieve 20,000 steps. Those who can complete the entire challenge will be rewarded with the “Olympic Day Badge,” to be displayed in their “My Page” sections on the Samsung Health app.

This feature has started to appear on the users’ apps today, but the challenge will start this June 10th and end on Olympic Day on June 23rd. It is available in 18 countries. 

Historic Unpacked event 

It’s official. The 2023 Galaxy Unpacked event will be held in Seoul this July 26th, according to news media. It is historic because it will be the first time the event will happen in the South Korean capital. For over 10 years, beginning with the very first Unpacked event in 2010 in Las Vegas, Samsung has held its Unpacked events in cities like New York, Berlin, London, and Barcelona. 

During the event, one of the expected revelations would be unveiling of the company’s new foldable smartphones, tentatively referred to as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5. 

There is no better place to hold one of the company’s biggest events than where it is headquartered. It also said Seoul is the “beating heart of Samsung’s dynamic growth worldwide.”

“It is where Samsung’s openness philosophy and innovation vision come from, guiding the future of the company,” Samsung told the news media.

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