Shop on Newegg now to get exclusive deals on your favorite technology products. One of these is Samsung Galaxy Note 9, now being sold on the shopping platform with a huge discount.

This phone is powerful enough to keep up with you. Here are the reasons why. 

First, it introduces a mighty, all-day battery that can go the distance on a single charge. With this, you can keep pace with your life’s biggest demands.

Second, its storage is enormous. Store more and delete less. It has the power of 128GB storage built-in, and you can even further expand up to 512GB more. You will have room for what truly matters to you.

Third, this phone is optimized for gaming. Level up your mobile gaming experience. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 gives you high performance as you play games with a cutting-edge processor that cuts down on lags, a water-carbon cooling system that helps prevent overheating, and an artificial intelligence-based performance adjuster that ensures your game is smooth and never sluggish. 

Fourth, it is Bluetooth-enabled. The all-new S Pen boasts powerful Bluetooth technology, letting you press a button to take control of your camera, apps, and presentations even without touching your phone. While drawing, taking notes and sending Live messages using the S Pen, it will be an intuitive and natural experience like pen and paper, thanks to the S Pen’s fine tip and 4096 pressure levels. 

Fifth, there is a smart camera. New revolutionary features make it nearly impossible to take a bad shot. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 intelligently recognizes what you are looking at, optimizing color settings such as contrast, white balance, exposure, and so much more. And by detecting blurs and blinks, you can reshoot whenever the moment is right.

Product Dimensions: 161.9 by 76.4 by 8.8 millimeters

Product Weight: 201 grams 

View the deal here. Shop online now.

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