Get the biggest perks on your shopping when you purchase the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 from Walmart today. 

Remain on track, on time, and of course, in style with Samsung Galaxy Watch5. Its features will also help you take complete control of your wellness.

Here is a list of the features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch5:

  • Meet your newest sleep coach – Develop better sleeping habits with the watch’s Advanced Sleep Coaching feature, helping you manage your overall sleep quality.
  • “State of the heart” tracking – Get the most accurate wellness readings thanks to an enhanced curved sensor that gets closer to your skin.
  • Power that keeps up with you – Remain powered up throughout your most hectic days with an improved battery that can keep up with you and everything you do. 
  • Synced and prepared for every adventure – Gather your Samsung Galaxy devices into perfect harmony. Stay connected on your adventures when you sync this smartwatch to your other Galaxy mobile devices.
  • Be smarter about your body – Get stats that help you be at your best, always, with body composition info right on your wrist. Get everything from body fat readings to your Body Mass Index or BMI.
  • Track all your outdoor adventures and getaways – Whether you are swimming, running, or rowing, you can make the most of your every outdoor adventure with the Samsung Galaxy Watch5’s Auto Workout Tracking feature. 
  • Designed for active lifestyles – Perform all your daily routines with so much confidence. Its sapphire crystal glass face is 1.6 times stronger to stand the test of the hardest of days.
  • Flaunt your style. Customize this smartwatch, which is also a fashion piece, with a wide array of bands, as well as watch-face choices that can match any look or mood.

There you have it. It weighs 0.4 lb. The dimensions of this smartwatch are 11.11 by 1.22 by 2.37 inches.

View the deal here.

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