The Meme Project Shiba Inu has recently promoted a significant announcement to its community. As described by the initiative, the relationship would be extremely beneficial to the community. Clearly, advocates of the token had great hopes, considering that all previous announcements had been significant, giving the initiative more clout. However, in the aftermath of the announcement, SHIB followers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the news, which they said was not worth all of the excitement.

Shiba Inu Joins Forces With Welly’s

The Shiba Inu team announced the major collaboration earlier this week. It announced a collaboration with Welly’s, an Italian restaurant. The restaurant bills itself as the first and only SHIB-themed restaurant to bring food on the blockchain. The restaurant’s logo had been modified to that of a happy Shiba Inu dog breed to represent the relationship.


Shiba Inu is now able to go into real-world ventures and make its imprint, beginning with the food business, thanks to the cooperation. According to the statement, the independent business was appealing to the idea because it wanted to differentiate itself from the centralized multinationals that now dominate the fast-food sector.

Welly’s is a fast-food restaurant that was rebranded in collaboration with the Shiba Inu. While it is known as a “burger joint,” the fast-food restaurant will also provide food that caters to different diets such as vegan and vegetarian, as well as “healthy” fast food options that will be launched in the future.

The SHIB Community Is Dissatisfied

The news of Welly’s partnership did not go over well with Saiba Inu’s neighborhood. The point of complaint was not the alliance itself but that the team had hyped it up to be something significant. Instead, it turned out to be a collaboration with a fast-food business that more than half of the town had never heard of.

There were numerous harsh remarks beneath the announcement tweet, indicating community members’ discontent. One person was surprised that this was the news that the team had been pushing.

Another user made fun of the restaurant’s popularity, and SHIB holders would have to use tokens they had purchased at a higher price to get burgers.

However, not all of the responses showed dissatisfaction. Others expressed their support for the proposal, hailing it as a positive step forward for the project.

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