SIDUS HEROES is a space-themed game featuring a play-to-earn gameplay mechanic. The game grants players ownership rights to all in-game things, rewarding players to participate and progress through the game by developing their characters and earning tokens along the way.

Powered by blockchain, the game produced an NFT collection of Heroes as the users’ avatars in the SIDUS universe during Open World gameplay.


The much-anticipated Official Game Trailer for SIDUS HEROES was released to the public on December 14th. The audience gets their first taste of the SIDUS universe thanks to high-quality cinematics with a remarkable degree of detail.

The clip depicts an exciting introduction to the Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). Creating a universe filled with adventures and possibilities for their characters to grow, explore, and conquer.

While waiting for the game’s initial version to be launched in early 2022, gamers can try out the DEMO today at SIDUS HEROES.

You can watch the video here:

The first tale centers around the SIDUS space station, where all players begin their voyage in the SIDUS world.

“In the midst of the galaxy, a mysterious space station known as SIDUS has been discovered.” The most advanced civilizations have gathered on the station to research technologies, trade, declare wars, and resolve conflicts. The people of the station control the evolution of the entire galaxy.”

Among the many options available to players when immersed in the SIDUS world gameplay, Heroes can:

  • Bring together representatives from many races to form a champions’ team.
  • Fight in the Battle Arena as well as in outer space.
  • Explore new areas of the universe, outfit expeditions, and settle new lands.
  • Tame pets and hunt monsters.
  • Attack and conquer hostile tribes’ lands.
  • Make equipment and improve your Heroes.
  • Construct infrastructure and spaceships.
  • Contribute to the growth of your town.
  • Join a clan or a party.
  • Get elected to the Council and take control of civilization.
  • Become the President of SIDUS.
  • Earn incentives in cryptocurrency and NFTs.

SIDUS Community has a large number of followers and supporters all around the world who have helped to spread the game’s popularity at a breakneck pace.

Follow the @galaxy_sidus account on Twitter to keep up with the exciting progress of the project and the newest news from the SIDUS Community, which now has over 300,000 followers.

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