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Decades ago, people thought nursing was not a field to be chosen as a career. Now it is among the most respected professions known to mankind. Proper degree programs and online nursing programs for nursing have been introduced and given priority over diplomas. The programs allow a better professional attitude among the students.

Registered nurses are the ones who have completed either a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a university. If you have graduated in nursing then you are a registered nurse as well. Do not worry about the career paths to choose because there is a lot you can do in this field. It is one of the most decent and respectful occupations of all time. The career opportunities are numerous for nurses with RN license, and some of them are discussed here to assist you:

Become a Gerontological Nurse

Gerontology certification online is the best choice if you want to become one of the many kinds of nurses. With growing age comes different and complex problems. Old people need special care and attention. You can be one of those highly respected nurses who facilitate senior citizens. It may seem tricky, but once you enter the field and serve a few patients, you will know your worth and the peace of mind within your mind.

The job outlook is remarkable. The need is rising as the number of baby boomers is rising. Do not worry about the pay. Gerontological nurses are paid extra everywhere, as they have to be extremely careful with the patient. With more responsibilities, you get some reward too.

Become a General Nurse at the Hospital

Hospitals are the first target for every nurse. You can apply to different hospitals for the position of floor in-charge. The working hours are flexible in some hospitals while the rest decide shifts themselves. If you get the option to choose, you can work twelve hours a day, three hours a day, or weekends can be chosen as well depending upon your convenience.

But if the hospital decides, you have to work accordingly. Being a nurse at the hospital comes with some general tasks. If you choose hospital nursing, your tasks could be:

  • Keeping a track of the patients’ medicines
  • Maintaining the medical history and formulating charts accordingly to assist the doctor
  • Keeping a check on the hospital supplies
  • Checking the patients’ routine and behavioral and physical changes regularly
  • Room preparation and cleaning the equipment
  • Assisting the doctor in emergency rooms
  • Helping the family of the patient when needed
  • Informing the guardians about the condition or illness of the patient sometimes

Become a Certified Anesthetist

You can specialize as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). It is a highly demanded profession which is subjected to grow by 25 percent from 2018 to 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The anesthesia has made surgeries easier as the patient goes numb and doesn’t feel any pain. A pain-free surgery was made possible and a CRNA can do the job rightly. Every nurse is not specialized to inject anesthesia. You can be one of the most demanded nurses. The wages of CRNAs is greater than or equal to $100 per hour and $208,000 per annum, as calculated by BLS.

Consider a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

People are stressing themselves out for a better life but putting them in disorders like anxiety and depression. Japan is the world’s most productive country, but the suicides and other psychological disorders are the highest there as well. Who can help the mentally ill people? A psychiatric nurse practitioner is an answer.

Becoming an RN psychiatric nurse will allow you to help the ones in trouble. As the world is progressing, so are mental illnesses. The requirement of these nurses will be higher by the end of 2022. The pay scale is remarkable, as well.

What About Becoming a Neonatal Nurse

If you love babies and taking care of them soothes you, this should be your career path. Being around babies all the time and taking care of the little munchkins will make the job fun, as well. The nurses have an opportunity to work in intensive care units and earn more wages as well as experience.

A shortage of nurses gives rise to worse patient condition, as research shows. If you choose to be a nurse, you will be working for the betterment of society as a whole. Help to bring life to this world and nurturing people until they are good to go is righteous.

How About Saving Lives?

If you choose Critical Care Nurse as your career path, you can be the reason life is saved. Specializing in intensive care units is another most important ability that doctors look for. You can assist a doctor while saving someone’s life. And the responsibility is not complete here. You have to look after the patient until he can take care of himself.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Nurse

The above-mentioned career choices seem good, but you need to take a closer look at the prospects in the field of nursing to make an informed decision. There are a lot of benefits of becoming a nurse other than helping someone. Some of them are:

You Are In Demand

There is an acute shortage of nurses and it is envisioned to grow. You will be one of the most wanted people at the hospitals or clinics. As the Bureau of Labor Statistics says, “There will be a shortage of 800,000 nurses by the end of 2020.”

Exceptional Job Flexibility

Usually, hospitals do not decide the working hours or shifts for the nurses. The applicant decides this according to the convenience. You can choose the best one for you. The working hours will be flexible and you can manage higher studies with a job that earns well.

Self-Actualization is Important

Nurses serve as a bridge between doctors and patients. At some point, patients feel more comfortable with a nurse than a doctor. It will make you feel good that someone can trust you, and you can help them get out of the trouble. You will be satisfied to the core of your heart, which is most important for a professional.

Work Wherever You Want

Nursing will not limit you to a single location. You can work wherever you want. Do not worry if you have to move to a different location. Nurses are needed everywhere, and with a degree in nursing, you will be appointed in no time.

Enjoy a Handsome Salary

Set yourself free from the hassles of low wages. The wages are already high for the nurses, and it is projected to go northward in the years to come. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has calculated a median of $50,000 for nurses. The job outlook is good, and so are the salaries then why not choose it as a career.

The Field is Diverse

Nursing is not just limited to hospitals and a floor assigned to you. You get many other choices, as stated above. You can choose the one that you find best. You can pursue your interest in nursing. Different specializations also allow you to enhance your career opportunities.


Nursing is a growing field with several benefits. You can get admission to a university or get an online degree as well. Nurses are always needed and the demand is not decreasing soon. A safe and healthy career path welcomes you.