The SolChicks play-to-earn gaming platform’s governance token, $CHICKS, became live on December 13, 2021. However, the Raydium site apparently crashed as tens of thousands of users rushed to purchase the token. Furthermore, the rollout has hindered the Solana blockchain.

The team strives to restore normalcy and asks users to be patient while attempting to build the liquidity pool correctly.

MEXC Global is now trading $CHICKS.

SolChicks on Twitter: "🐥🚀 SolChicks is #️⃣1️⃣ on the #PlayToEarn Game  Rankings on #Solana 🐣🚀 Whoever said not to fly too close to the sun never  met a SolChick 🌬☀️ 💯 Get

$CHICKS is enraged

The $CHICKS coin serves as the SolChicks ecosystem’s governance token, a fantasy play-to-earn game built around a collection of 10,000 distinct NFTs. There is a total fixed supply of 10 billion $CHICKS tokens. The token completed its IDO in November to acclaim from various launchpads.

Quantsamp audited the $CHICKS token contract.

SolChicks is one of the most anticipated blockchain-based play-to-earn games. In fact, in the first week of its release, the yet-to-be-released game received an influx of 50,000 players for its game demo.

The alpha version is set to be released in the first quarter of 2022. The company recently announced a collaboration with KuCoin Labs, a $100 million venture capital fund founded by KuCoin to enable early-stage companies in the metaverse field.

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