The all-new iPhone 15 series is not launching until around five months from now, particularly by mid-September 2023. Nothing has been announced by Apple too regarding this release date, and these details are just based on rumors. 

However, leaks have been coming forward as early as now as to the features of the upcoming iPhone 15 series. 

Various news outlets reported how a leaker on Twitter revealed details about the features of some models in the series, specifically the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. 

A leaker named 941 shared the details of these possible features on Twitter. They indicated that the phone’s Action button would have a wide range of new functions, including taking over the power off and force restart functions currently controlled by the volume buttons. 

“… I have some (small) info regarding the action button on iPhone 15 Pro,” tweeted @analyst941. “Firstly, the volume up + power button will no longer be used to power off the device, or ‘force-restart’ it. The sequence remains, but combination will be changed to action + power button.”

This leak about this particular feature makes sense especially when put side by side with another leak that came out weeks ago saying Apple is developing a dedicated chip allowing its phone’s Action button to work even if the device is off or has run out of battery.

But that is not all. The leaker also said the Action button would replace the functions of the volume-up button when capturing a photo. And, there are new shortcut options. These shortcut options include the light press that auto-focuses the camera, the hard press that captures a photo, and the hard press and long-hold that captures or records video.

941 said pressure sensitivity in the Action button would enable these additional controls. 

“If you missed it, or don’t understand how the capacitive button can be ‘light’ or ‘hard’ pressed: again, the capacitive buttons (incl. action) will be Force-sensitive. It’s like 3D-touch was, so it will recognize whether you’re just tapping it, lightly pressing it, or hard press,” the leaker added.

There are also leaks that came out about the design of some of the phones in the upcoming iPhone 15 series. A Chinese tipster said the regular iPhone 15 and 15 Plus would feature a frosted back finish, similar to the Pro version in the current generation. Right now, users can tell by the back finish whether the model is Pro or non-Pro. 

Furthermore, the Pro units are said to incorporate a titanium frame with curved glass edges. Plus, there will also be an added Action button on the phone’s side frame that will still distinguish between the different iPhone tiers. 

Leaks about the colors also came out. For instance, the regular iPhones will see a new green and cyan blend that would resemble iPhone 12’s Mint Green option. 

Meanwhile, for the iPhone 15 Pro, rumors reveal it will get a new dark red colorway, replacing the Deep Purple on the current 14 phones.

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