There are various quests you can embark on in “Stardew Valley,” including the Mysterious Qi questline. Here, after you have successfully replaced the Battery Pack in the roadway tunnel near the bus stop, Mr. Qi will give you some strange requests, which you must complete, of course. 

Among these requests is to “give the Sand Dragon his final meal.” Who is the Sand Dragon and how do you feed him his last meal? Find out in this guide. 

Who Is The Sand Dragon?

As you progress into “Stardew Valley,” it is usually inevitable that you’ll meet and feed the Sand Dragon. True, this might sound a bit confusing as it is weird to find a dragon in Pelican Town, which is part of the Stardew Valley farm. 

Hearing about a Sand Dragon, you’ll think of magic and castles by the beach, right? But you won’t find these magical castles in the game, sadly. Neither will you see dragons flying in the sky.

Feeding the Sand Dragon his final meal is part of the Mysterious Qi questline. This quest is a bit challenging. Read on for the how-to. 

How To ‘Give The Sand Dragon His Final Meal’

We’ll begin this guide at the point where you’ve already fulfilled the prerequisites for getting to Calico Desert. Here’s what to do afterward.

In this Bus Tunnel, you will find a lockbox. Putting a Batter inside will hand you a note asking you to place a Rainbow Shell in the Train Platform Box. You can find this Rainbow Shell as you forage on the Beach. As soon as you put the Rainbow Shell in the Train Platform Box, you will receive a new note tasking you to fill Mayor Lewis’ refrigerator with 10 Beets. Mayor Lewis is the mayor of Pelican Town. 

We will assume you have planted and harvested these Beets. If you haven’t, you might need to purchase Beets seeds from Sandy at the Oasis. Sandy is a villager living in the Desert. However, these seeds only grow during the Fall. 

Once you have what you need, you’ll run into the third part of The Mysterious Qi quest, which is to give the Sand Dragon his final meal. 

You will find an enormous dragon skeleton in Calico Desert’s southwest region. Walk up to this skull and use a Solar Essence to “feed” the skull. Solar Essence is a Monster Loot item. At this point, you’ve likely gathered a lot of Solar Essences after defeating Ghosts in the mine. 

As you finish “feeding” the skull, you will receive a last note informing you to check the woodpile at your house. You will then get your reward, a Club Card, as well as access to the back room of Sandy in her shop. 


Completing this part of The Mysterious Qi questline in “Stardew Valley” may be challenging, but things will get easier with a guide like this.

Fulfilling this quest is unnecessary to progress in the game or achieve the goal of restoring your late granddad’s farm. But, it does give some valuable rewards. So, if you ask us if you should do it, you should.

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