If you think you will get your hands on the PlayStation 5 Pro soon, an insider is saying this will not happen, as Sony is prioritizing PlayStation 6 before PS5 Pro. 

Sure, it is terrible news for those anticipating PS5 Pro before jumping from an older console generation. This insider claims Sony is focusing its effects on the next PlayStation, not a mid-generation upgrade.

The general rule for any console maker is that as soon as one new console is released, work immediately starts on the next. So, since PS5 has been out for more than two years now, it is not surprising to find out if Sony has begun research and development on PlayStation 6. 

But hold on your horses. That does not mean it will be out anytime soon, but it implies PS5 Pro is nowhere close to release. 

A reliable insider, Tom Henderson, shared his thoughts on Twitter but only in the context of rumors about the PS5 Pro and the new PlayStation model with a detachable disc drive. 

Henderson said he had heard more about PlayStation 6 than he had about the PS5 Pro, adding he is not even sure if there would be one this generation.

There have been speculations of mid-generation upgrades for both the PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S, including what seemed to be a clue from Sony itself, but there seem to be no imminent plans. And this is not surprising nor shocking at all, given how difficult the first two years of this generation have been because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Sony wouldn’t cease production of the ‘gen 1’ PS5 if they had different consoles in production for different price points/specs. The new PS5 will reduce costs in production and shipping because they can produce just one console; with a detachable disc drive,” the insider tweeted.  “As for if there’s going to be a Pro version this generation, I’m not entirely sure. It doesn’t feel like the regular version has been fully utilized yet and probably won’t be on mass until the end of the year. All I can say is that I’ve heard more about the PS6 than a PS5 Pro.”

Meanwhile, a new model of PS5 has also been rumored, but it is believed its functionality is just identical to the current one, only with the addition of a detachable disc drive. 

Henderson is so far, as of press time, the sole person who has spoken about the new model, though in this new comments, he said it was not a PS5 Slim and that he expected it to look similar to the current model. 

He claims the new console is simply cheaper to produce since Sony can make just one hardware model and choose whether to include the disc drive or not. Whereas, at the moment, PlayStation 5’s Digital Edition is manufactured separately. 

This insider, furthermore, suggests the current model with cease production by the end of the year and that its replacement will be out on the market this September. But, if he is indeed correct, it will make little functional difference to anybody but Sony. 

Regarding PlayStation 6, it seems inevitable that this generation will end up being the longest ever because of the pandemic, so do not expect to hear any official update about it for some five years or so.

“On all the PS5 Pro/Slim rumors – I don’t think it’s a pro or slim, My understanding is that it’s just ‘gen 2’ of the regular PS5,” Henderson also tweeted. “The normal PS5 will cease production at the end of this year and the new model will start in April and begin selling in September.”

It is rumored that the release of PlayStation 6 will be around 2027.

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