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A Detailed Guide on How to Send Emails Anonymously

Have you ever had to send an email to someone who you wanted to remain fully anonymous? Perhaps you’d like to make a quiet declaration of love. Maybe you’re an informant who needs to enlighten someone without raising suspicions. It is simple to send an email without giving your personal information. Here’s how to send an email that isn’t addressed to anyone in particular.

1. Use a Different Browser or Email Workspace

The easiest thing you can do is get an alternate browser for sending anonymous messages. Along these lines, you can guard your identity stowed away. To do that, you can utilize a solid browser to send unknown anonymously from your PC.

2. Connect to a Different Wi-Fi Network (Library or Coffee shop)

Your exact online behavior is visible to your internet service provider (ISP) and government monitoring authorities whenever you connect a device to an in-home Wi-Fi network, which you may not be aware of.

  • Connect to a Wi-Fi network by going to a nearby coffee shop or library.
  • Utilize your device’s incognito mode.
  • Create another email account.
  • You’re done once you’ve sent an email.

3. Try a VPN on your Device

Always utilize a VPN, regardless of how you send an anonymous email. Your IP address may be revealed, although your communication does not contain your name. Your IP address can be used to track your movements, hack your device, and find out where you are. By masking your IP address and transmitting your traffic through an encrypted VPN server, a VPN safeguards your privacy.

4. Get a Separate Laptop

We understand that this entails purchasing a new laptop, but strong security and privacy are the primary concerns. If you frequently send anonymous emails, purchasing a new and separate laptop may be good. If you don’t have the funds to purchase a new laptop, discover how to hide your internet behavior on any device using a VPN connection.

5. Use a Burner Email

You can send and receive emails with a burner email account without revealing your real name. They normally expire and disappear after a set amount of time, or they let you send a message without having to create an account that can be linked to you.

Email Service Providers to Use for Sending Encrypted Emails

If you’re looking for a new email service provider to send anonymous emails, go with the best. The accompanying email service providers vow to keep you anonymous and utilize very good encryption. Here is a rundown of a few email service providers to pick from:

  • ProtonMail

ProtonMail involves PGP encryption for your messages before they leave your gadget. It ensures a no-logs strategy, so regardless of whether the police are thumping on the provider’s entryway, they wouldn’t have anything to show them. ProtonMail likewise offers the feature of self-destructing messages. All you really want to do is set your favored termination time, and when the opportunity arrives, ProtonMail will erase the messages from the beneficiary’s inbox.

  • Tutanota

End-to-end encryption is available from Tutanota. Even non-Tutanota users will be able to receive encrypted messages if necessary. Your contacts, as well as your inbox, are encrypted. When creating an account, you will not be required to input any personal information. Your IP address will also be removed from your emails. Everyone may study their code because it is open source.

  • Hushmail

Appreciators of ProtonMail could likewise be keen on Hushmail, a free encoded email administration that utilizes OpenPGP guidelines. Hushmail empowers clients to both send and peruses secure messages from beneficiaries utilizing any webmail client; it additionally empowers clients to include security questions and active messages shipped off non-Hushmail clients.

  • Mailfence

Mailfence is a full-featured secure email client that includes calendar and contact management, file storage, and PGP encryption. It has rigorous data protection regulations and is a favorable privacy nation. Mailfence is an excellent alternative for individuals who want complete PGP control and compatibility without the need for plugins or add-ons.

Bonus Tips for Enhancing Email Security

  • Never reuse the same password across several accounts when creating new ones. If necessary, generate a random password or get a VPN for Netflix.
  • Protect the login information and passwords for your anonymous account. This can be done with the help of a password manager. But, just in case, don’t save this information on the same account as your personal passwords.
  • Never include information about yourself in your email address, such as your name, address, or date of birth. As the name of your email address, it’s ideal to select a random string of characters.
  • Check that your VPN is active and not leaking your IP address before logging into your account. Learn about different methods for maintaining your privacy.

In Conclusion

Here are the top five most successful, secure, and dependable methods for sending anonymous emails while maintaining your anonymity. You can send your message using any of these techniques without revealing your real identity on the internet.

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