Tales of Arise Releases Sword Art Online Expansion

The new Tales of Arise DLC content adds the popular Sword Art Online brand to the action RPG, allowing players to battle Asuna and Kirito. The most recent Tales game was published in September for PC and current platforms globally, thus this crossover comes not long after that.

Tales of Arise is the first entry in the anime-inspired series to be released on Xbox since Tales of Vesperia on Xbox 360, and its embrace of action RPG gameplay has made it one of the more accessible entries in recent memory.

The last series game, Tales of Berseria, was released almost five years ago, thus Tales of Arise will undoubtedly vary from its predecessor in a number of significant ways. Tales of Arise’s fighting is faster-paced and contains a substantial rebalancing of previous series techniques mixed in with several new gameplay aspects, and its graphics have been lauded for their improvement over Berseria. Because most Tales games aren’t narratively related, reviewers say Tales of Arise is a good starting place for the series, and it’s now getting its first big post-launch DLC.


On October 7, the official Tales of Arise Twitter account announced the release of a Sword Art Online DLC crossover. Shionne, Alphen, and Law now have costumes patterned like Sword Art Online major characters Kirito and Asuna, as well as Kirito’s swords for Alphen.

The highlights of the DLC, as revealed in the teaser, include a particular encounter between Kirito and Asuna, as well as a new Mystic Arte that is unlocked once the pair is vanquished. With this new ability, Alphen may summon the two Sword Art Online characters for a dazzling and devastating combination strike.

A Twitter reply also disclosed that a free update for Tales of Arise was published, bringing two new difficulty levels to the game. The new “Very Easy” setting is aimed at people who merely want to enjoy the tale of the anime game, while “Unknown” is the game’s new maximum difficulty.

Because Tales of Arise already has a “Story” difficulty level, it’s unclear where the new “Very Easy” fits in. “Unknown,” on the other hand, appears to be for gamers searching for a more tough challenge than the present “Chaos” setting.

While the premium Tales of Arise DLC featuring Sword Art Online’s heroes may be the major emphasis of the new update, some of the free material may be the most intriguing additions in the long run. Customers must decide whether the costumes, Asuna and Kirito battle and new Mystical Arte are worth the $16 price tag for the Sword Art Online Collaboration DLC.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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