The Mag-7 is one of the most popular weapons in CS: GO that can only be used by counter-terrorists. This pump-action shotgun is one of the most cost-effective weapons in the game that provides excellent armor penetration, damages effectively have inexpensive ammo, and is great for beginners. In this article, we will cover the most popular skins for Mag-7 CS:GO and provide their descriptions and approximate price.

Mag-7 Hazard

After taking one look at this skin, you will understand its name. Mag-7 Hazard skin features a standard yellow-black hazard stripe pattern. This skin is available in all wear levels, but you have to keep in mind that Minimal Wear looks almost identical to the Factory New version, while their price is very different. This is why it is more prudent to go for the Minimal Wear Version.

Mag-7 Swag 7

It is a great-looking skin for Mag-7 that has the word ‘SWAG’ written on it. Its black and white design is fairly stylish and considering that it only costs from $0.30 to $5, anyone can afford to buy it.

Souvenir Mag-7 Bulldozer

Mag-7 Bulldozer skin was introduced into the game with the Mirage Collection in 2013. Not only is this item one of the most distinct-looking skins on this list, but it is also one of the most expensive ones as well. The reason for its high price is its rarity since it is one of the famous Souvenir skins. The least expensive Bulldozer skin costs only 2 bucks, but if you would like to purchase a Factory New Mag-7 Bulldozer skin, you will have to shell out as much as $250.

Mag-7 Petroglyph

Petroglyph is yet another good-looking skin for Mag-7. It is fairly inexpensive, costing no more than $4, making it quite popular. It was introduced into the game with the Double Exposure update and is available in almost all wear levels except the Battle-Scarred one.

Mag 7 Core Breach

Core Breach skin for Mag 7 features a radioactive hazard pattern that covers almost the whole shotgun. The price of this skin fluctuates around $7 for the normal version. However, if you want to buy the Souvenir Factory New version, get ready to pay up to $180 for it. Core Breach is a great option if you want to look cool without having to spend too much.

Mag-7 Heat

Mag-7 Heat skin looks like it’s about to melt in your hands. You can almost feel the heat coming off it. It’s a great-looking skin that is both affordable and widely available. Its highest price is around $10 for the Factory New StatTrak one. And if you’re low on cash, you can always get one for 30 cents from Steam or any other website that sells CS: GO skins.

Mag-7 Silver

Mag-7 Silver is the final item on our list. This skin was released as part of the Cobblestone Collection in 2014 and features a simple, clean design that gives the Mag-7 shotgun a premium silver finish. This skin costs between $6 to $10 and the price for the normal skin and the Souvenir version are almost identical.

Getting New CS: GO Skins is Easy

There is nothing easier than purchasing new skins for CS: GO. You can either do it through Steam or you can use one of the specialized online platforms such as DMarket to purchase anything you want for a considerably lower price.

Which is your favorite Mag-7 skin? Do you like collecting the most expensive skins or would you rather spend as little as possible? Tell us in the comments below.

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