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There’s no satisfactory way to find more about Saudi Arabia other than traveling the country via its various highways. Saudi Arabia occupies a combination of road trip good routes, from right shots across deserts to worming switchbacks through the mounts. 

So, there’s a path for road trips for anyone looking for adventure. It’s high time to head out on the road trip and let surprising pursuits and detours (and perhaps even a mud path) add drama to your trip. 

If you’re taking off on a road trip nearby to Jeddah, you may get access to Jeddah Airport Car Rental Services. We did the exploration for you and collected some tremendous stops along the path. Suggesting five best drive-down destinations near Jeddah. 

Moistening with the Hot Springs at Al Lith

Saudi Arabia’s hot springs are huddled in a quiet valley near Al Lith’s town near Jeddah. It is an assembled tarmac road drive between gorgeous beige-colored hills with splashes of greenery across. The area comprises an alluring gorge at the bottom of which the spring burbles are present, and out of the floor, you can find leafy and cottages grazing livestock. It proposes events of a new rural idyll that are snappily at odds with the idea of a “desert kingdom.” 

The hot streams boast an impressive landscape, with hills on one side and marshy grounds covered with sparkling green grass on the other. Part of its allure is its privacy and the certainty that there has been the most diminutive evolution around it. This hot stream’s wide for bath temperature and is the precise place to loosen up and relieve your aching back. It can furthermore be admired year-round. So prepare to get all soaked up on this road trip! 

Exploring the Historicals of Al Uqair

The appeal of “Desert Kingdom” holds up the chasm of limitless sand connected to it. This is the vastly extensive road trip on our record, but it is worth it with the cross-country east-west trip. A lot of apexes along the way assure that you’ll need to take various days to analyze this path that runs through basaltic lava fields, numerous oases, desert dunes, and ramshackle villages. 

It is acknowledged that the historical Arabian city of Gerrha prevailed in this same area. Today, a colonial fort survives, bringing out the grandiose of the prosperous trading center the spot had evolved in the 19th century. The safety is strategically located between the productive oasis of Al Ahsa and the mysterious Arabian Gulf. It was recently conducted as a gateway for merchants to the whole of Arabia. 

Enclosed by murky history, this deserted fort is a sensational place withstanding the extreme changing positions of desert sands for centuries. Though trolling, depleting around the damages of this ancient fort of Uqair is an intriguing knowledge where one can relive a bygone period. 

Relishing Fresh Fruits at the Taif Fruit Market

Road trippers can anticipate some glorious mountains and breathtaking sights on this one. This highway trip will put you on the top of the Sarawat peak range on a street that has thick, consecutive sections and following hairpin turns. And after each hairpin, a modern perspective discloses itself: vast, cocoa-colored mounts receding to a vague blue, divided by a pale grey road. Just before arriving at the town of Taif, after you complete your climb to the mountain city, you’ll wish to tighten your legs and celebrate the great attitudes of the Hada Valley below. 

Besides, at the fruit market, you could anticipate seeing myriad hues built from the mixture of fruits being given. Fruits such as apricots, pomegranates, red berries, cactus fruit, and quantities of different drool-worthy seasonal fruits are proposed by generous vendors. This isn’t a road trip for momentum demons; to truly encounter the place, calm down, and allow your appetite to guide your way. 

Arabian Gazelle Spotting on the Farasan Islands

Well, it is a parkway trip of a barely unique kind. It involves hauling your car via ferry to the mesmerizing Farasan Islands, which are discovered precisely amid the Red Sea, stature as a one-sided bridge between Africa and Asia. 

The picturesque Farasan Islands are honored with various fauna, the greatly prized of them prevailing the Arabian Gazelle. The Farasan Islands are the final places on earth where Arabian Gazelle can survive. So wander around the archipelago’s rare white-sand beaches, sleepy villages, pristine marshes, and dunes to explore this unusual breed of gazelle. They are pretty tricky to spot, so you can be convinced to spend a significant amount of your time before you come across one. 

Escape with Desert Camping at Mudhaylif

The intention of camping in the deserts conjures up unusual yet ambiguous pictures of nylon zip-up toasty dozing bags, tents, a glowing fire, pots of soup, and storytelling in the center of an open desert. Encircled by flyblown Bedouin encampments and coffee-shaded dunes, Mudhaylif is one of the most excellent spots in the Kingdom for camping. 

Mudhaylif is a tiny village that stands neighboring the Jeddah-Jazan Highway. What makes camping at Mudhaylif possible is that it is near the freeway in case of any crises; also, at the exact time, it will enable you to encounter desert camping to the utmost. 

The desert around the village Mudhaylif is not a straight dune desert; it possesses little green drizzled around and is incredibly fantastic with sceneries of enormous emptiness. This is a spot where you will understand the satisfaction of identifying the quiet dancing of brilliant stars in a pleasant night sky. 


Evade the hustle and bustle of city life and get out for a road trip to have an experience like none other. Observe nature and the natural wonders it shall do to you. Exciting activities, unique spots, a pretty sky, and greenery await you. Just a short drive away from daily life is all you need. Don’t be frightened. Road tripping in Saudi Arabia, especially near Jeddah, is completely manageable!

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