During the holiday season, people will go shopping and get new presents for their loved ones to celebrate the festive season. So, in this holiday season, you deserve to spoil yourself and encourage you to improve in all the things you like. If computer games are your thing and you would like to play like a pro, your first step should be to get the appropriate peripherals and a gaming mouse in your hand. Hence, you need a gaming mouse for Christmas for gaming like a pro. If you’ve never used one of these, do not worry as a gaming mouse is easy to configure and use.

First, you can adapt the sensitivity (DPI) for precision, and then you can reprogram the additional buttons for shortcuts to use. Not only can you assign the keys or actions you want, but you can program macros and complex actions that you can execute instantly with the click of a button.

If you wish to be a good gamer, I’m sure you’ll want to take advantage of your games and have an advantage over your opponents, especially if the FPS and MOBAS categories are your favorites

What makes a gaming mouse so special?

The main advantage is that it gives you more buttons to play, gives more customization options, more comfort, and a striking look that standard 2-button mouse does not offer. It may be more accurate than a standard mouse because it has optical sensors and options optimized for play.

Extra buttons can help you have options within the game that may require a combination of buttons, which will make your life easier and give you an advantage thanks to the speed with which you can activate them. If you are not playing, your daily activities may also be favored, since you can program a profile to change tabs in your favorite browser or to reload the previous page.

It comes with a software that allows you to play and map different actions on the buttons of your mouse and in many cases you can have a profile for each of your games and then, it can recognize immediately which game you are running and instantly set up your profile without you have to do it every time you want to play.

Another advantage of this type of mouse is that they are ergonomically designed and fits better with different types of hands and grips. Hence, they are more comfortable than most traditional mice. While not all come equipped with RGB lights, those that do can be set to shine with different patterns. When you game at night, you will see how great it looks.

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Care and maintenance

If your mouse gets dirty, less responsive, and has inaccurate movements it could be broken. The first thing you can do is clean the dust and hair trapped in the sensor with some compressed air. Do it at a distance so that you don’t damage the sensor. You can also clean the sensor and the mouse base with a little alcohol, just make sure the mouse is very dry before reconnecting it.

If you have problems with the mouse buttons, I recommend contacting the manufacturer to apply your service guarantee. You can also try to fix it on your own, but that is not a task for beginners and keep in mind that doing so will void the warranty. Luckily, reputable brands such as Razer have gaming mice that last long, and you will not run into such problems. You can check out their site here.

In summary, these are the characteristics of gaming mice:

  • Beautiful designs with very bright colors and lights and in some cases with neon lights.
  • One of the best features it has is that is adaptable to the hand, in this way everyone can adapt it how they like.
  • A very good precision, which to play is very important and each person can modify it to their preference.
  • Very light, so when in use it can be moved very quickly without any effort
  • Finally, you can modify the speed of the mouse and its response time, which is great for FPS games

The gameplay and experience of enjoying your favorite games with a gaming mouse is another level of enjoyment. Once you use a gaming mouse, you would not want to revert to using a normal mouse. This holiday season, give the best gift for yourself or that special person a gaming mouse today.