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With the new restrictions on mobility and the virus lurking around every corner, online casinos are a fun alternative for spending time without risking your health.

Since the health emergency began, digital media has increased its traffic and with it the curiosity for all its benefits. We tell you how to beat online casinos in their game by applying winning strategies.

The saying “the house always wins” is right, because if you put all your money into one shot and trust one move, you’ll probably lose it all. Although the point of betting is to try your luck, there are many strategies that can help you bet for sure.

Slot machines

You might think that slot machines are exclusively a game of luck and, to a certain extent, they are. There is no strategy that can make you predict when the reel will stop on your bet.

Is this a daunting prospect? Not at all. Slots are still the favorite games of many at online casinos with casino bonus list and it is precisely because they can make you win a lot of money. There are many types of slots, each with different features; the number of reels, payment method, bet amount, etc. What you have to do is to carefully choose the ideal slot machine:

  • Choose slots with a high RTP (Return To Player).
  • Always choose slots with progressive jackpots.
  • Be wary of highly promoted slots. They may look very flashy but often have low RTPs.


If you’ve ever played Blackjack you surely know the strategy of keeping track of the cards. However, that strategy does not work in online casinos. (Unless you are betting live). The decks are constantly shuffled at random, so you can never determine which card will be next.

Not all is lost, there are still several strategies you can apply to win at online blackjack:

Plant your bet on 17 or more: Although the object of the game is to get 21, planting 17 gives you a better chance of winning than asking for another card and going over the count.

Look at the dealer’s cards: If the first card the dealer draws is a low card (4, 5), it is very likely that the dealer will blow the bet. Casinos must stand at least 17 and will ask for cards until the number is reached, probably over counting.

Don’t be afraid to split your cards: If the first two cards received are of the same value you can choose to split them and place two bets. This is especially attractive ace pairs.


Roulette is the iconic game of online casinos as well as local casinos. It consists of choosing one or several numbers on a board which will have the opportunity to be chosen by a random mechanism. The roulette wheel spins until the ball inside falls on a number.

It’s a simple, fun game and you might think that winning depends strictly on chance. However, we reveal some moves you can apply to win in roulette:

Bet on Red or Black: Roulette has the option of choosing whether a red number or a black number falls. Choose a color and keep your bet. In case the chosen color falls, pick up your winnings and keep betting. If the color you chose does not fall, double your bet so that when the color you chose falls again, you recover what you lost and increase your win.

Betting on groups of numbers: On the right side of the board you will find three positions of numbers. Bet that the ball will land in position 1, 2 or 3 and keep your bet.

Don’t forget to bet on zero: Zero is usually disregarded by most players. However, you can split your bet between 0 and 00, so that when it lands you will receive the corresponding winnings.

What is the reason for the great growth of online casinos worldwide?

Since the existence of mankind people have liked to get together and play games like poker or roulette. Since the pace of life has become quite hard lately and it’s getting more and more difficult to get together with friends to relax and play, the existence of online casinos made everything easier.

Now it is possible to play at casinos from home where you can relax after work and have some fun making bets or playing the fun casino games.

Another important factor that influences the rapid growth of online casinos is the opportunity to play at the desired time. Whenever you want you can play and have fun, no matter what time it is.

The great advantage of playing at casino games is that you have the opportunity to get the welcome bonus and other interesting promotions. Apart from all this, online casinos make available to their users the opportunity to gamble live and play the live casino games.

Due to all this, the online casino industry has grown so much that you can also make sports bets. If you want to know more about sports betting at online casinos we recommend you to read this article.

How is the technology used to care for users?

The development of technology has helped a lot in taking the way of gambling and playing in online casinos to another level. Besides that, it has made these ways of betting and playing reach a larger audience and all because of the use of different online options.

Since online casinos are so popular, it is important that they have secure software to protect their users. Online casinos have a secure system that allows them to generate numbers at random. For example, it is used a lot when playing slots.

Before you start betting or playing at online casinos, make sure that their URL starts with https. Or rather check if the casino has the SSL certificate. If it uses this security system, then all your data, especially the payment data, is safe.

As you can see, the operators strive to provide a secure experience for their users by using technology to their advantage.

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