Moana, the Pacific Disney princess, and Maui, a demigod, are best friends. In the story, Moana set out on a journey to find Maui to make him restore the stolen heart so it can be returned to its rightful place in their community. 

But did you know that Maui has a favorite dish he likes Moana preparing? Well, at least in “Disney Dreamlight Valley.” What is it? A seafood salad. 

If you struggle to make this recipe in the game, PVP Live knows the way, as one of the “Moana” songs will say.

The Ingredients

It is elementary to make seafood salad in “Disney Dreamlight Valley.” To make this recipe, you need two ingredients: any seafood and one lettuce.  

But, you will first need to obtain the ingredients in the game. There are no grocery stores here. 

How To Obtain Seafood

The seafood ingredient is found in Dazzle Beach and the Glade of Trust. There are five kinds, and you can use any of these for your salad.

  1. Clam (Blue shells found on Dazzle Beach.)
  2. Oyster (Dark blue shells found on Dazzle Beach as well.)
  3. Scallop (Find the pink shells on Dazzle Beach.)
  4. Shrimp (Favorite! Find them at the blue fishing spots on Dazzle Beach.)
  5. Squid (Find them at the blue fishing spots at the Glade of Trust.)

Meanwhile, Here’s How To Get Lettuce

You can purchase Lettuce Seeds from Goofy’s Stall located in the Peaceful Meadow. Each costs 8 Star Coins, but you first need to grow the seeds. Don’t worry. They only take three minutes to grow. It’s a game, remember?

Cooking Procedure

To begin with, proceed to a stove. If you don’t have this, you can find one in Remy’s Café, or you can get it from Mickey Mouse in one of his earlier quests. 

Plus, make sure you also have Coal Ore, which you can find by mining rocks around the perimeters of each biome. 

Once you have those materials, you can head over to choose your seafood and lettuce, then tap “Start Cooking” to start making this sumptuous meal. 

For Sure, Maui Will Love It

As part of Moana’s quest in “Disney Dreamlight Valley,” and to cheer Maui up, you must make three recipes. One is this Seafood Salad, and the others being Fruit Salad and Seafood Platter. We hope this guide helped you when you need to make Moana’s Seafood Salad in the game.

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