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A Dutch Company built its first House in 3D Technology. The project work began in 2016 at the Dutch Design Week. TU Eindhoven and the Municipality of Eindhoven joined hands and expressed the noble intention of building these swanky houses.

Finally, in 2017, a business community joined, and the first-ever occupants/inhabitants moved into the 3D technology home. This is Europe’s first-ever 3D printed home (concrete) and the world’s first-ever housing project in Eindhoven, which got its first inhabitants. The project is called ‘Project Milestone’, and with this, the city hopes to push technologists and construction companies to build more 3D houses.

A Quick Sneak Peek into the 3D House.

What’s inside? Well, the House has three rooms and a single floor. There is a total space of 1000 sq. ft, and it has a beautiful wooden roof. The home is in the shape of a boulder and is surrounded by lush greenery. There is open space on each of the sides.

Four more houses are being built as a part of this project. These are being developed as ‘sculpture garden’. A Dutch couple moved into the boulder-shaped home. Harrie Dekkers (67) and Elize Lutz (70) are retired shopkeepers. They got their digital key (an application) on Thursday. It allows them to open the bungalow with a push of a button. Now that’s called technological advancement! The couple seems delighted to move into their 3D home.

The Perks of Using 3D Technology 

The 3D houses will be occupied for many decades as per the project information on the official website. The builders are satisfied with the outcome of this project. The conventional concrete design was too rigid, but 3D Technology gave them a lot more freedom.

The biggest advantage of using a 3D concrete printer is that you need to lay concrete only where required. It reduces CO2 emissions and wastage. Cement usage gives rise to CO2 emissions and also leads to more wastage. But with a 3D concrete printer, wastage will never be an issue.

There are more benefits of using 3D concrete printing. Builders can designs precise and fine structures of concrete. They can also cater to customers’ requirements, and it doesn’t even raise the construction cost. Builders are deeply satisfied with this Technology as it helps to blend the 3D houses with wooden surroundings naturally.

What’s Next? 

The first House’s building elements were printed at the University of Technology Eindhoven. However, the fifth House will be a two-story building. It will get printed on-site. India got its first-ever 3D-printed House a couple of days ago. It is located in Chennai and is a single storey home. The 600 sq. ft. House has been constructed with concrete 3D printing technology. 3D printed homes have become the newest advancement, and the trend is going to spread globally. It is most certainly a step towards conserving the environment in the best possible way.

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