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Air conditioners, split systems, and other climate equipment are characterized by complex designs and high requirements for settings. Units and assemblies of air conditioners have a certain resource, after which they must be changed or repaired. There is also a risk of breakdowns caused by errors during operation, poor-quality coolant, power outages, and unprofessional installation. If you are interested in the main breakdowns of air conditioners, as well as the possibility of repairing them, this article is for you. You can also contact Alpha Mechanical for advice and assistance with air conditioning repairs.

Determining The Malfunction of The Air Conditioner

It will not be difficult even for a non-specialist to determine the incorrect operation of the air conditioner. It is much more difficult to correctly diagnose a breakdown and find a way to solve the problem. You can detect that the split system is not working properly by sudden changes in temperature in the room, the appearance of uncharacteristic noises, the flashing lights on the control panel, or the appearance of an error code on the display. In each case, it is necessary to disconnect the air conditioner from the mains and call a service center employee.

Also, the characteristic signs of a breakdown of the air conditioner include:

  • lack of response to pressing the buttons on the remote control (with good batteries);
  • atypical flashing of lamps on the panel of the indoor unit;
  • stop the fan before reaching the set temperature;
  • no compressor or fan motor noise;
  • jamming the blinds in a certain position.

As a rule, these symptoms attract attention immediately after the onset. But it will not be superfluous to take a closer look at the operation of the air conditioner once every few days. Perhaps some problems have passed your attention.

How Is Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Done?

You can only identify a malfunction on your own but not find its cause. The complexity of the technique allows for detailed diagnostics only in the conditions of a service center. The main types of breakdowns can also be determined by the center’s employees on the road, using special measuring instruments that read error codes. Modern models of split systems are equipped with self-diagnostic units that give error codes on display or in the form of a certain combination of light bulbs. Cutting-edge climate systems can display an error message or breakdown on the owner’s smartphone or PC.

The codes are deciphered in the datasheet of the air conditioner, so every owner of a split system can determine what exactly is broken. But we do not recommend opening the case of the air conditioner, especially trying to fix even a minor malfunction yourself. Unskilled intervention can lead to more serious breakdowns, the elimination of which will cost much more than contacting specialists.

Common Air Conditioner Failures

All malfunctions of climate systems can be divided into typical and rare, occurring due to errors in operation and maintenance.

Typical breakdowns of the air conditioner include malfunctions:

  • fan;
  • compressor;
  • refrigerant lines;
  • electronic control unit.

The frequency of breakdowns is not associated with poor-quality manufacturing or design errors but with the fact that these parts account for the main load in the process.

Fan Failure

The air supply unit is equipped with an impeller that rotates at high speed and moves a significant amount of air. The unit consists of an electric motor, an impeller, and a control system. The fan blade can break, the motor burns out, or the capacitor burns out. All parts are relatively easy to replace with new ones, it is impractical to repair the electric motor. In some cases, repair is more expensive than replacement.

Capacitor Replacement

The starting capacitor of the fan motor is changed in case of difficulties with starting. This is a small detail that can be difficult to access. Like an electric motor, a capacitor can only be changed when the air conditioner circuit is completely de-energized. You will have to disconnect the wires, in some models – remove the engine. If you do this under voltage, you can get an electric shock or cause a short circuit. A certified service center replaces the capacitor in about an hour’s work.

Compressor Breakdowns

The compressor is one of the most critical and complex components of the air conditioner.

You can detect a compressor malfunction by the following characteristic signs:

  • the system does not turn on, or there is a delay of several minutes;
  • when you try to turn it on, there is a buzz, but the compressor does not work;
  • the compressor often stops and starts for a short time.

These are the visible consequences of malfunctioning. The reasons for the failure can be different, for example, failure of the starting capacitor, improper connection, freon leakage, etc. There can be many more reasons. As a rule, a compressor malfunction does not require immediate replacement. It is enough to correctly determine the cause of the breakdown and replace the worn-out spare part.

Breakdowns of The Electronic Control System

The most complex and expensive part of the air conditioner is the electronics. The newer the model, the more complex the control board. It’s a sacrifice to increase functionality. Malfunctions of the electronic control system are manifested mainly in incomprehensible readings on the display or flashing lamps on the panel. When, after reading the instructions, you cannot understand the condition of the air conditioner, call the service department. Reprogramming an air conditioner is a complex operation, accessible only to specialists in this field, for example, Alpha Mechanical.

Final Thoughts

In the process of using the air conditioner, do not forget that this is a complex and rather capricious technique. All possible malfunctions and malfunctions are described by the manufacturer in the instruction manual. Some of them can be fixed on your own, but most require only specialized repairs. We recommend that you contact Alpha Mechanical if you encounter problems with the operation of the air conditioner.

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