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Interest in cryptocurrencies is snowballing, so crypto enthusiasts are looking for the opportunity to use their favorite assets without converting to fiat currencies. The casino will be an excellent solution because using cryptocurrencies here has many advantages. On the site, you will find more information about gambling sites and the conditions under which they accept cryptocurrencies.

How Crypto Casinos are ranked

Long-time players have been gambling and betting online for a long time, so they have some schemes from which they choose. These are the right actions for any player, as all offers need to be checked. Different casinos lure you with their features and benefits, but how not to be deceived? For beginners, it will be interesting to learn the factors by which online gambling is analyzed. For experienced ones, it will be interesting to supplement their knowledge in this area.

First, you need to make sure the casino is safe. It is well known that crypto casinos are safer than any other, but you should always check this. Customers must be provided with appropriate security measures, such as 128-bit encryption, different payment systems, and additional login security options like 2-Step Verification. There is no discussion of the fact that if the casino is reputable and has many reviews, it will be popular and more likely to meet you on the Internet, but what to do with little-known, but perhaps also safe sites? Specific licenses provide proof of their honesty. Such permissions are issued to gambling authorities that can only provide reliable gambling and betting, handle details, and give real bonuses and loyalty systems, which makes the site trustworthy.

Since we are considering a crypto casino, it will be essential to note that before starting your games, you must ensure that a large amount of cryptocurrency is accepted on the site. Although the most common currencies can be found at every step, some customers want to play with little-known options; gambling companies should not limit them. The site must accept at least 3 cryptocurrencies to be considered a crypto casino.

And last but not least are bonuses and promotions. For each player, this is considered an important aspect and advantage since who would not want to get something for free or not at cost? Accordingly, a crypto casino has a higher level than a regular one, so you must ensure that significant bonuses or cashback are offered.

Why do many people choose cryptocurrencies for gambling?

The use of cryptocurrencies has a lot of advantages for customers and casinos. Let’s look at them separately.

For clients

Today, many crypto enthusiasts want to use their favorite assets in different industries not to lose money on currency conversions. However, it also has other benefits:

  • the ability to circumvent government regulation;
  • fast transaction speed;
  • low commissions;
  • high level of security;
  • a considerable number of currencies.

There are countries where gambling is banned, so players are looking for ways to get around these bans. A good solution is the use of cryptocurrencies.

Casinos do not charge a fee for depositing or withdrawing money, but payment systems can do this. In the case of cryptocurrencies, there is nothing to be afraid of since blockchains charge a very small fee for their services: either a few dollars are fixed, regardless of the amount, or 0.5% of the transaction. In addition, cryptocurrencies have considerable limits. You can withdraw up to 10 bitcoins within a month, which is many times more if you look at the equivalent in fiat.

Usually, smart contracts are used for transactions using cryptocurrencies, which maximizes the level of security. You don’t have to worry about transactions being intercepted. It is also worth mentioning that many crypto casinos do not require account verification, so you can not be afraid that personal data will fall into the hands of hackers.

For casino

Today, there is a demand in society for the use of cryptocurrencies, so to remain competitive, casinos are beginning to use cryptocurrencies actively. It has several advantages for them:

  • attracting new users;
  • increase in the number of payment systems;
  • lack of chargeback;
  • improving security;
  • low commissions.

Many scammers use chargeback to get as much benefit as possible. So, the user orders the payout of winnings and then claims that they have lost their bank card. In this case, the casino must pay the winnings again and then require payment systems to return the money. It is not possible in the case of cryptocurrencies since all transactions are irrevocable.

Where can I learn more about the work of different crypto casinos?

Nevertheless, despite all the information provided above, you may still have some questions to which the ORDB website has answers. Here you can learn more about the world of casinos, compare your favorites, and get bonuses on bets. You will be informed about the types of casinos and which ones have a high rating, their methodology for choosing sites, the types of bonuses received, and the latest news about crypto casinos. Reviews of popular casinos and a blog can become your guide, and a premium subscription will give you even more exciting features.


The casino market is expanding quickly and rapidly; with each visit, you can see new types of gambling and bets, opportunities, and expansions. Although cryptocurrency is still at an early stage of development, more and more crypto casinos accepting virtual coins will appear soon. And now, when you have seen all the qualities, you can safely start playing or continue what you started, but with updated information and new features.

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