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Graphic design trends change frequently. But as we know, everything new is well-forgotten old. If you are interested in graphic design, then this article will be interesting to you. Today we will look at the main trends in the new year 2023 in the field of design.

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Neon Gradients

It seems that gradients in design are already an outdated technique, but in 2023 designers expect a rapid surge of neon gradients. Combine gradients with textures, illustrations, and photos, and add them to the background. To make the design with a neon gradient even more interesting, we recommend adding grain. Then it will be possible to combine two trends in the design of 2023: neon and retro.

Design in the Style of the 90S

The era of sweet nostalgia continues to manifest itself in modern design. Everything that is already familiar to people causes the desired feeling of comfort. Metal chains, chokers, rubber bands, beads, bright colors, simple shapes, pixels, chewing gum, and other treats from childhood — 2023 will give us new manifestations of love for the distant 90s.

Pink, yellow, green, blue — add more bright colors to your designs, and experiment with typography. 

Add illustrations with pixels, emojis, and stickers to the design. Create creatives in the form of the same album for girls: with stickers, inserts, and sequins. For the background, choose delicate shades of pink, blue, and lilac.

Minimal Vintage

In keeping with the general movement towards a minimalist style in print design, the minimal vintage graphic design trend makes a subtle allusion to the vintage design styles of the 20th century.

The key approach to this trend is that the design should not immediately look retro or vintage; rather, a calmly chosen color palette or font style may relate to a certain decade.

Sci-Fi Logos

As more and more brands look to a post-pandemic future marked by climate change and ever-evolving technology, it’s no surprise that in 2023 we will see the emergence of brands with a distinctly futuristic flavor, a futuristic approach to branding. Now that consumers are actively looking for sustainable, fully electric, or technologically innovative products, brands that seem to be light years ahead of competitors will have a strong position in the eco- and technology markets shortly.

The recent rebranding of the Škoda car brand is a prime example of futuristic design. As the business promotes fully electric cars, a sci-fi logo created in-house informs the digital future of the brand and aligns it with the identity of other tech car brands such as Tesla.

Compressed Typography

Imperious, bold, and impressive, concise typography has always been a secret weapon for designers seeking to attract attention even in a limited space. In 2023, in line with the movement towards the metaverse and futuristic style, we will see compressed fonts and compact typography take center stage in editorial design and advertising.

Compressed fonts can have a slightly aggressive, eye-catching tone, so tone down the drama with simple neutral color schemes or immerse yourself completely in science fiction with black and neon.

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