Today cybersport is a very popular and specific direction in the world of sports. If 10 years ago this activity was only at the level of hobbies, where people played any game and on any platform, for example,, getting a storm of impressions and pleasure. Then today, everything has changed and cybersport came to the world level and was officially recognized. However, the strong link between gambling and video games has remained to this day, and gamers who have become professionals, have not given up the habit of playing not only video games but also the casino. This is what we will talk about in this article.

The connection between eSports and gambling

The proliferation of eSports and its high ubiquitous popularity has led more and more people to bet on their favorite teams at bookmakers or to start gambling, choosing a non-gamban casino. As cybersports tournaments can cause addiction and what is involved in the athletes of the tournaments – let’s look at the material.

It’s no secret that cybersports and the gaming industry as a whole are experiencing unprecedented growth, helped, among other things, by the coronavirus pandemic. The Fortnite Battle Royale has an audience of 78 million monthly players, and the game’s competitions attract hundreds of millions of online viewers. In 2019, more than one hundred million people watched the League of Legends World Championship – by comparison, only 9 million watched the Wimbledon Grand Slam final that year.

At the same time, the average age of those who follow sports and cybersports also differs significantly. While the average tennis fan is about 61 years old, the average fan of battles over a mouse and keyboard is only 26 years old.

In 2019, 17 percent of those who bet esports were between the ages of 18 and 24, according to the report “Gambling participation in 2019: behavior, awareness, and attitudes.”

There is currently no exhaustive research on the topic of whether a passion for cybersports can cause gambling addiction, but according to the University of Bristol report, Brits actively interacted with online publications from bookmakers taking bets on cybersports, as well as casino-related publications, in 2019. 17% of subscribers to these esports bookmaker accounts were under 16. 69% were between the ages of 16-23.

This connection is displayed in cybersports as well, as more and more athletes can be found gambling or watching casino ads on their social networks.

Consider the most gambling cyber athletes.

Gambling athletes

Johan Sundstein

  • Country: Denmark
  • Nickname: N0tail
  • Total earnings: $6,909,858.40
  • Date of birth: 08.10.1993 (age 26)
  • Top Prize: $3,124,036.20 – The International 2019, Dota 2

Johan is the captain of the OG team. He began with Heroes of Newerth where he was one of the youngest professional players – he made his first major successes at the age of 15.

Then he switched to Dota 2. Known for his excellent micromanagement and cheerleading role in the game. Loves dogs and other animals.

In his time was repeatedly spotted advertising online casinos and bookmaker’s offices. If betting in BK the sportsman simply advertised on his personal page in Instagram, then in the case of casinos, the advertising led him directly to the very interaction with the game and participation in it. This fact can be safely attributed to the fact that the cyber athlete loves gambling and often comes to relax in them at the end of intense battles in cyber tournaments.

Jesse Vainikka

  • Country: Finland
  • Nickname: JerAx
  • Date of birth: 07.05.992 (age 28)
  • Top prize: $3,124,036.20 – The International 2019, Dota 2

Vainikka is another OG support player, but has made his mark on several serious Dota 2 teams during his career, including Liquid, and is also known for his repeated involvement and support of establishments that offer gambling.

The athlete also began his career with Heroes of Newerth and has played TF2 as well. In 2020, he announced the end of his career due to Dota 2 fatigue and a desire to try his hand in other fields besides cybersports.

It was this phase of Jesse’s life that fully exposed him as a gambling man. Vainikka began to be seen advertising for casinos, as well as directly in the gambling establishments. On this ground, even nearly flared up a scandal, because many media said that the athlete is losing himself, fascinated by such strange kind of games and that he needed psychological help. In fact, it was so: Jesse spent thousands of dollars on roulette and poker, as evidenced by his own words and interview to a local publication. At the same time, the athlete had no job and his financial situation was only improving thanks to social networks, streaming, and a fan base.

In any case, let’s believe that the athlete will take all his will in his fist and return to his usual life, where he will give cyber-sports fans unforgettable emotions more than once.

Kuro Tahasomi

  • Country: Germany
  • Nickname: KuroKy
  • Total Earnings: $5,183,106.15
  • Date of Birth: 28.10.1992 (age 27)
  • Top Prize: $2,172,536.60 – The International 2017, Dota 2

Born and raised in Berlin. Had trouble walking since childhood. According to him, it was his disability that inspired him to become a cyber athlete.

Became the first professional player to reach 1,000 wins, and one of only two to participate in all of The International tournaments. In 2017, he became the winner as a member of Liquid, in the last one, 2019, he took second place. Currently, he is the captain of the “separated” from the Liquid team Nigma.

Kuro is also famous not only for his amazing battles in the world of video games but also for his addiction to gambling. Many times in interviews the athlete said that he is actively involved in games on many online platforms. According to the athlete, it helps him to reboot and distract, and the rush of excitement and endorphins give him a feeling of real ease and relaxation, resembling the effect of a relaxing massage or a hot bath after a hard day’s work. The athlete did not specify how often he gambles and how much he loses but noted that the casinos do not deprive him of his personal earnings from cybersports and said: “Today you lose, but tomorrow you win back everything you lost yesterday.


As you can see, there are also plenty of fans of gambling and new sensations among cyber-sportsmen. The casino is not an evil, but a chance to relieve stress and tension, as well as an opportunity to win large sums of money. That’s what the big names in eSports think, too.

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