Germany is known as one of the countries that acquire a rich history, especially when it comes to extravagant castles. The castles are located across the country, and few of them are still under the original families.

The widely-recognized castles, designed in a breathtaking way, which is awe-inspiring. Few of them were build up to protect towns back in the day, while others constructed for the pleasure of livid kings.

Many of the castles, built during the 18th and 19 centuries. However, the oldest in the country is Meersburg castle, which was built in the 7th century.

If you don’t want to miss out on any popular castle in Germany, you have come to the right place. We have listed down the must-visit castles in Germany below.

Neuschwanstein Castle

The romantic castle, built by King Ludwig || of Bavaria, was a private treat for him. Neuschwanstein Castle, constructed from the king’s funds, was open to the public after the king’s death in 1886. The castle is incredibly designed, which attains interpretation from the medieval world.

The castle is now the most-visited in the country and enjoys attention from the public across the planet. Additionally, Neuschwanstein Castle Tour gives a fairy tale feel, a vibe that draws attention from the crowd.

Hohenzollern Castle

The castle has its beginnings from the 11th century, located at the top of Mount Hohenzollern. Over the centuries, the castle was destroyed and built again. However, the present fort was constructed by King Frederick William IV of Prussia.

The castle now turned into a museum, which acquires treasures including the crown, worn by Kings. The view of the castle is breathtaking, which makes it the second most visited castle in the country.

neuschwanstein, castle, bavaria

Burg Eltz Castle

The Burg Eltz Castle, considered the greatest fairy tale castle, is surrounded by a lush green valley. It is one of the three castles in the Rhine region from medieval times that is not destroyed or re-built over time.

The architecture of the castle is unique in its way. Additionally, the castle’s exterior view was featured in a movie titled ‘The Ninth Configuration,’ released in 1979.

Lichtenstein Castle

The Lichtenstein Castle is considered the youngest castle across the country. It was crafted in Gothic revival style in 1842. The castle acquires an impressive location, 2680 feet above sea level and 820 feet above the river Echaz. Furthermore, the castle is widely famous for its collection of armor and weapons.

Schwerin Castle

The Schwerin Castle, located on an island in the middle of a lake in the city gives off a dreamy vibe, which is middle-sized. The castle, re-modeled by Duke Friedrich Franz II in 1850, is the same as today. The view of the lake from the vast gardens is surely an amazing way to spend a day. Additionally, the castle is considered one of the prime examples of European history.

Wartburg Castle

Wartburg Castle was built in the 11th century but rose to fame many centuries later. It is located in Eisenach, where Martin Luther hid the Bible in the 16th century, after translation. In the 20th century, Hitler wanted to take down the castle and turned into a swastika, which never happened.

The castle fell into disuse for much time but finally gained restoration in the 19th century. Moreover, it is now considered the major tourism draw in the country.

Mespelbrunn Castle

The Mespelbrunn Castle was built in a simple way on the water. It dates back to the 15th century, and its simplicity draws attraction from all over the globe. It is the most visited water castle in the country, and indeed the loveliest of all.

The castle is owned privately by a family. But, their tourism doors are opened throughout the year. Besides, recommended taking a walk on the path of the castle ground by past visitors.

If you are visiting Germany in the upcoming days, don’t forget to visit these fairy-tale castles to make the most of your trip to Germany for a lifetime experience, which you will remember all your life!