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Gaming is more popular than it ever has been. These days, it’s not just kids or the hardcore gaming groups that are enjoying video games on their consoles, computer games, and phone apps. With games now being closer to an immersive film experience — including high-quality graphics, sound design, and storytelling — it’s no wonder that so many people are getting into gaming, contributing to a booming industry that’s just getting better and better. Whether you’re new to gaming or already a bit of a pro, we’ve compiled some of the top games – from the brand new to the classics – for you to try this year.


Fortnite is one of the most played games of all time; ever since its release back in 2017, this Epic Games masterpiece has gone from strength to strength. And it looks like it’s not stopping anytime soon. An evolving game, this free-to-play battle royale offers game modes for everyone — which is probably what contributes to its longevity and success.

Battle pass content has meant it almost feels like a new game every month, and it’s worked its way into pop culture through collaborations with musicians, celebrities, and sports stars. One to check out if you haven’t before, although by now you certainly will have heard of it!

League of Legends

One of the most played games of 2022 is League of Legends, which is played by approximately 8 million people every day. Big numbers! This multiplayer battle arena game was launched way back in 2009, but like Fornite, continues to rope in new players every day.

With solo and co-op options, the team at Riot Games behind it focuses on the players when creating new updates, which may contribute to its popularity over the past 13 years since its release. It looks like it’s here to stay!

Online Casino Games

It’s no surprise that the online casino marketplace is booming. The games are better than ever with improved graphics, animations, and even live gaming options for slots, poker, and roulette — and so many more of the classics. Play online casino games at so many different and reputable websites, with new variations being added all the time!


This game might not be so well-heard of for those in the west, but that’s about to change. The most played video game across the globe, it’s been topping the charts in Korea, with Microsoft making a deal with Korean developers to create a new version that has been released exclusively through Microsoft platforms. Well worth checking out if you’re into shooter games!


Released in 2006, the free game Roblox continues to be on the charts as a game played by millions. This game is interesting in that it allows its players to create their own games, or experiences, using its programming language. The publishers make their own cash through the premium membership function.

Roblox has continued its success in large part due to its hosting both virtual and in-person events. It also hosted its very own virtual concert alongside American rapper Lil Nas X, but later on Zara Larsson and most recently 21 pilots. Its corporate collaborators include restaurant Chipotle who teamed up with Roblox in October 2021 to give away $ 1 million worth of burritos to players. This just goes to show how video games have truly gone past the Tetris of years passed!

The Sims 4

A lot has changed about The Sims since its first release way back in 2000. But even fans of it then can see all the elements of the game they loved – which is why it’s stayed so popular even 22 years on!

The franchise has sold an incredible 200 million copies of the life simulation game and continues its reign with The Sims 4. With improved graphics and gameplay, a brand new world to explore, and a variety of exciting expansion packs (vampires, anyone?), The Sims 4 is worth the investment and provides hours and hours of great entertainment.

The Quarry

The recently released drama horror game The Quarry has critics and players alike excited. With an impressive ensemble cast including David Arquette, Brenda Song, Zach Tinker, Halston Sage, and others, as well as some really fun gameplay with a retro feel, The Quarry was privy to a 4-star review in The Guardian and another 4 stars out of 5 from VG247.

Developed by Supermassive Games, it’s the ideal game for fans of teen slasher films and 80s and 90s-style horror. It also has settings for multiplayer options as a couch co-op, meaning you can play it alongside friends and loved ones. It’s got a pretty amazing soundtrack too, which you can follow or download on Spotify!

Grand Theft Auto V

Is the Grand Theft Auto franchise one of the best of all time? Still remaining at the top of the charts with its latest releases – it’s first being all the way back in 1997 – Grand Theft Auto has proven the test of time and continued to develop new fan bases with its latest titles.

Grand Theft Auto V, available for PS5 and Xbox, is at the top of our list for games you have to try in 2022. With amazing visuals including HDR options, new graphic modes with 4K resolution, 3D audio, and faster loading, this game is as slick and up-to-date as ever.

And with GTA Online you can explore this much-loved universe with up to 30 players.

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