The Japanese are famous for creating anime as a video game. Without realizing it, the appeal to gamers catapulted through the Pokemon Generations! Know what makes it attractive and the ranking of supporters for each one.

Trivia about Pokemon Generation

Different from the Original Version

From being a Japanese anime video game, Pokemon Generations continues to excite its supporters! Each generation has a flashback. Regions beginning with Kanto and ending at Kalos contain deeper insights. Going from one region to another is an opportunity to familiarize with Pokemon and its characters.

Watch the YouTube Channel

Like other television shows, this anime also has a YouTube Channel. It is a great advantage for viewers to watch any episode in their own time. Although each episode is short, patrons will enjoy every minute!

Only for Teens and Adults

The concept for this anime is more suitable for teens and adults. Episodes are about the Pokemon power of each trainer. Fighting between trainers exists and the scenes have violence.

Three to Five Minutes per Episode

Much shorter than a regular Pokemon episode, this series only shows for three to five minutes. Short stories based on the video game are present. Despite watching a more recent episode, the viewer can understand the story. No need to go to an earlier episode to finish 18 of them.

Fights are More Fierce

The nature of Pokemon Generations is very short. Those who play the video game have an idea of fighting. It is reflected in this anime series.

Existing Anime

Credits to Pokemon Go for creating a new base of followers. Previous patrons of the original series also like it. They were not familiar with the video game edition for Pokemon Generations yet. The first generation games Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red come from Pocket Monsters: The Origin. Watching the latter can give a snapshot of how Generations is.

Each Pokemon Generation by Rank

7th Place – Generation V

Gamers who watched it say they are either fond of it or not. Not much excitement for the majority because of the lack of new things in it. Nintendo DS was where the video game appeared and it was old hardware already. The games were identical to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. In this regard, there was not much originality.

For those who are familiar with Pokemon, they say the pioneering trio of Oshawott, Tepig, and Snivy are not memorable. In this anime series, the new Pokemon has critiques of minimal originality and poor design.

6th Place – Generation VII

This is the latest Pokemon Generation. It lacks the appeal to stand out and come on top. But viewers say most of it is good! They know about the Alola region through Pokemon Sun and Moon. Attractive scenery and islands characterize this warm place. Credits to the appealing natural surroundings that impress supporters! For those who saw Alola for the first time, there was plenty of joy!

Generation VII also delights because of the Alolan forms especially Ninetales and Sandslash! Apart from them, features like Poke Pelago, removal of HMs, and the Rotom Dex are memorable.

5th Place – Generation IV

Similar to the response of viewers for Generation V, this one also lacks an impressive stance. The video game Pokemon Diamond and Pearl had plenty of support, however. By playing on Nintendo DS, it created a new appearance for the game. Snowpoint City was great to go around in! This generation allows playing it online and became well-received. It gave gamers the chance to interact with international trainers. Pokedex was easier to finish!

4th Place – Generation IV

The Kalos region became new to supporters. Viewers noticed the huge visual improvement in this Generation. Credits to it for creating a more enjoyable experience! It was time for this development to occur. With the presence of Pokemon X and Y, the series welcomed plenty of new features!

Enthusiasts can personalize their trainer through Fairy-type Pokemon. Mega Evolutions also became a remarkable addition! Greninja, Tyrantrum, and Sylveon are the new Pokemon in this Generation.

3rd Place – Generation III

Lack or abundance of water in the Hoenn region is insignificant in Generation III. It is through this Generation that Pokemon fights got modified. The fierceness in double battles, abilities, and Pokemon natures exists. Pokemon Contests began here. Having rivals in other aspects became real besides Pokemon fights.

2nd Place – Generation I

As the pioneering Generation, it created a loyal base of video gamers. In the Kanto region, there was Lavender Town, Celadon City, and S.S. Anne. These imaginary places are ingrained in the memories of enthusiasts. Pokemon characters like Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander are the initial ones and most remembered. Other notable ones are Legendary Birds and Mewtwo.

The 151 characters give original supporters a time to reminisce. Despite the abundance of remakes for the video game, Pokemon Red and Blue have remained the best!

1st Place – Generation II

It is Pokemon Gold and Silver that enthusiasts love the most! Regions of Kanto and Johto are very pleasant to play on. These provided more substance to the video game! Enthusiasts experienced day and night in this Generation. Although this feature is simple, taking Pokemon through it was original. Excitement existed in the launch of 100 new Pokemon! Legendaries like Ho-Oh and Lugia are great!

Pokemon Designs

In the First Generation, all 151 Pokemon designs came to fruition from the creativity and imagination of Ken Sugimori. Although team effort existed, the final pieces were from him. Through his ingenuity in creating them, the Pokemon gaming franchise became famous!

The basis for the designs is inanimate items or animals. Pikachu takes inspiration from the Pika creature. Magnets led to the imaginary Magnemite. Seeing the Loch Ness Monster or dragons also produced characters. Each Pokemon Generation has designed and some are more memorable than the others. Based on the designs, there is also a ranking per Generation. Do you know in detail about Pokemon? Take the Pokémon Quiz to confirm.

As a major achievement for the Pokemon Company, they created a successful video game! This led to the development of Pokemon Generations. Enthusiasts have the privilege to go back in time through it.

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