Everyone wants to protect their computer against harmful malware. There are a number of antiviruses and malware-fighting software available online. Zonealarm is one such software that provides its users with guaranteed protection against malicious bugs.

Though there are numerous antivirus available online, choosing one that offers you the protection that you need is an important decision that requires some consideration. The following are a few tips you must take into account before deciding on antivirus software.

1. Device Compatibility

First things first; you need to check that the antivirus you are aiming to purchase or download is compatible with your device’s hardware and software requirements.

2. Features

Next, you need to check the features antivirus offers. For example, does it offer firewall services to block hackers from making hacking attempts? Does it offer anti-phishing services to help prevent loss of confidential data at the hands of fake websites? Does it offer malware-fighting services, anti-spam, parental controls or anti-ransomware, etc?

3. Customer Support

The third tip is to look for a software provider that will help you even after you have made the purchase. While you are downloading and installing the software on the device, you might face technical or software related issues that the company’s customer service must be able to help you out with either via phone call or online.

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4. The Functionality of Antivirus

Be sure that that antivirus you purchase does not end up slowing down your device or affecting its functionality. Therefore, before making a final decision, check for the memory space it requires and its file size.

5. Ease of Use

You need to make sure that the antivirus you are about to purchase is user-friendly and easy to use. If it is too technical, you might face a hard time downloading, installing, and navigating your way around it. Worse, you might need a technical support member by your side to help you for the tiniest of issues you might face in the long run. Therefore, go for software that can be easily operated by the end-user.

6. Price

One of the most important things to check in software is how is it priced. If you cannot afford high priced antivirus software, then look for the one that falls within your range and budget. There are free versions of antivirus software available online as well. You might try one of them.

7. Online Reviews

Last but not the least, before making a final decision, read reviews online, or ask around to get some advice. This will help you in arriving at a cost-efficient and productivity-enhancing decision while saving you from low-quality antivirus software.


Purchasing antivirus from a trusted vendor is very important. This is because not only the vendor will offer you support in case anything goes wrong but will also take the responsibility of making sure your device’s protection needs are met.